Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quotes Rorschach from Watchmen


That’s rather oxymoronic.


I just spent a few minutes trying to explain to our 10-year-old daughter why this is a good thing (because really, how many 10-year-olds care about politics?). Hopefully it’ll take.


No, but I can see where you’re coming from:

And a hundred men will land in the bright noonday sun,
Each treading where the shadows cloak him.
They’ll look inside each doorway and seize anyone they see,
And throw him in irons and present him to me,
And say: Give us the word, and we’ll croak him.
And say: Give us the word, and we’ll croak him.
In that noonday heat there’ll be a hush 'round the harbor,
As they ask which I want to die.
And then they’ll hear me quietly answer: the lot!

And as the first head rolls I’ll say: Hop-La!
And the ship with eight sails
And its fifty guns loaded
Will sail off with me.


Perhaps. In the case of the Dems it needs to be back before 1992, when the Third Way neoliberal-lite compromisers took control of the party. Perhaps before Reagan had the party pissing its pants. Perhaps all the way back to FDR, when the supposed party of the left acted that way.


And then there are these people:
Texas Republicans fail to oust Muslim official over religion


The fact that it failed so resoundingly does illustrate the point. Because the 139 votes were not all D’s.

But yeah…unfortunately we still have those assholes around.


I think I agree with that. I would say middle aged people are most forward thinking because they are forced to. Young people tend to live in the moment and figure the important stuff they will worry about later. I am not sure older people aren’t forward looking, but they tend to be resistant to change.


I want to be like Rodney Dangerfield, who was almost 70 when the web was invented and ran his own website in 1995, at age 74!


Joe “attack atheists in 2000, aiding the victory of W” Lieberman? Joe “unite with Hillary to attack GTA to help ruin her campaigns” Lieberman? People like him work hard to curtail any Democrat future.


Shrug. The word “good” is an adjective that’s being used to describe or qualify the noun “reason” (i.e. there’s not just “reason” to be pessimistic, there’s “good reason” to be pessimistic). “Pessimistic” is not modified by the word “good”, thus, no oxymoron. The smiley face emoji next to the word pessimistic, however, may be fair game.

I do take offense at your calling me moronic. /s


I wouldn’t describe her as “the future” either—she’s the PRESENT. As opposed to people like Lieberman, who are squarely in the past.


Obligatory retort:


I’m in my 60’s and chomping at the bit for change. I happily pay my taxes to foster the well being of my fellow citizens. I want young families as neighbors to keep our neighborhoods lively. Too many seniors around tends to drain the vitality out of a community.
A lot of seniors are huddled in their homes, terrified at the changing world. My sister is one of them. She believes all the BS that Faux News and her septuagenarian and octogenarian friends spout about immigrants, crime rates and all the other right-wing lies. She thinks I’m lying to her until I tell her the specific FBI public reports that are my source.


I think that probably depends on whether you grew old in relative comfort and stability under the status quo or grew old in spite of the status quo denying you said comfort and stability.


This is a teachable moment. The medium is the message.

We have people from the age of television getting bested by people from the internet age. AOC knows this. The dwindling establishment doesn’t and they may not adapt.

Adapt or die.


As someone in the first group who understands that the status quo is going bye-bye one way or the other and wants to preserve what comforts I have as I get older, my motto is that of the character from Lampedusa’s “The Leopard”: “If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change.”


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In other words:


It’s the scene when he fails to rescue the little girl and “becomes” Rorschach.