Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quotes Rorschach from Watchmen


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AOC to 45, his enablers and the “business as usual” Dems:

I think I may just fluv that woman.


Geez. I already liked her before I found out she reads comic books.


Dems are probably going to blow this like they’ve snatched defeat from the jaws of victory over and over again.

Grow a fucking spine. back AOC. Pass a Green New Deal. Show people you care about THEM. About THEIR job and not yours spineless politicians. Harness her energy and media smarts. Push the Overton Window to the left for once. PUSH!

And when they go low, curb stomp their crooked asses until the Rs are R for Rump. A minor footnote from futurepeadia “This once powerful and respected political force within the US was destroyed from within and without. The Russians helped elect a clearly incompetent crook and many of the leading ‘Republican’ leaders were just fine with foreign interference as long as they got their ruinous tax cuts and regulatory destruction. Fortunately Democratic grass roots activism and energy turned out successive waves of prosperity and innovation fueled by a New Green Deal that saved humanity from a climate crisis that would have destroyed technological civilization.” (transmitted by ansible from extra solar colony gamma 16, reference needed)


I am full on wanting to have her adopted babies.

EDIT (for @MadLibrarian in italics) : Also, at what point has anyone (generally speaking) listened to a 76 yr old politician on what is the future?


Anyone from this list born before, say, 1945. We still read Asimov et. al.

eta: Thanks @quori, I appreciate it :stuck_out_tongue:


NP. Your point is totally valid as there are some…let’s say lucid and forward thinking progressive-minded senior citizens…I don’t think Lieberman is one of them. Nor are many if any at all politicians.

Maybe Jimmy Carter.


“The snark is strong with this one.”


That is seriously like my 2nd favorite movie quote.




When Whitney Houston’s The Greatest Love of All came out, the first line of it drove me absolutely nuts:

I believe the children are our future

“Yeah, no shit, Whitney,” I thought.

I had no idea how controversial an opinion it was.

Hey Lieberman, in not too many years she’ll be here and you won’t. That’s the future.

ETA: Time; how does it work?


Teach them well, then let them lead the way.


Rorschach gets a lot of love from nerdy fans though he himself is a psychopath and not exactly a role model. However i know AOC is just poking fun at the people trying to throw shade at her, which i’m ok with.


While I love that quote and the fire she’s bringing to the party, the cynic in me says that she’ll most likely end up metaphorically dealt with the same way Rorschach was. Destroyed by her own allies for ‘the greater good’ because she refuses to compromise.


That’s not just cynical, it’s down right pessimistic.


Hopefully, next up for the old guard will be:

Politicians will look up and shout “Save us!”… and I’ll look down and whisper “No.”


And i thought i was a pessimist.


Isn’t that what happens to most politicians though? Not all, obviously, but most.


Hold up there, @frauenfelder, John Dingell’s Twitter is hilarious, everyone should follow him! He’s probably the coolest 92-year-old in America:

As for Louise Slaughter, you’re probably right that her Twitter is quite lame, considering that she died 10 months ago. She was the shit though, " the most progressive member of the entire House of Representatives" according to Wiki.

Lieberman is a turd though, that’s true.


Personally, I’m cynical as hell… but I also refuse to stop looking for ‘the helpers’, the silver lining, and all the reasons to keep ‘fighting the good fight.’

I ain’t no “easy win.”