Elizabeth Warren wrote AOC's entry in the Time 100

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I could not be paid to be a bartender.
Bartenders listen to so much crap everyday, women ones especially.
Often they have to hold their tongues.
When I hold mine I can’t leave it alone in my head thinking about what I wish I said or would have liked to have been able to say.

Now, in her new career she says what is on her mind and the world is richer for it.


AOC is a national treasure.


I’m donating to Warren today. And I’m getting a Warren t-shirt to match my AOC shirt.


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Can’t fight the seether… :notes:


Yeah, clearly, she’s got somebody’s attention and not in a good way either:


So then who isn’t? If Warren and AOC are the same as Trump, there’s no point. We’re just fucked?

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I read Warren’s AOC entry with a heavy 80’s rock guitar riff giving the background music for it with “FUCK YEAH!!!” sounding off right as I finished. Could not have been more appropriate.



How often do we see a senior (i.e. past the usual retirement age for working stiffs) politician actually taking the time to openly promote a young one with potential. This is how a party develops a “deep bench.”

She’s a lightning rod.

While the Murdoch Media and half of the talk-radio agitators are foaming at the mouth about a freshman congresswoman, others in Congress are quietly getting work done. Saturday I got a chance to have short talk with Rep. Xochitl Torres Small (my Representative) and heard about a lot of the mundane, no headlines, necessary work being done and – guess what – it was not all trench warfare. Without cameras to play to, they were finding plenty of things to agree upon to smooth out details like getting more medical residencies, more primary care access in rural areas, that sort of thing.


Good news.
And thank you for both talking with your rep and for posting this.

AOC’s tweet still sticks in my mind, however, no matter what one may believe about “warfare” in the U.S. legislature:

Succession: it’s not just a concept but a playing the long-game strategy.

Was so grateful to read Warren’s words. We need to recognize that the 2018 mean age of the U.S. House and Senate seat holder is 50.8 years years old (House) and 61.8 yo (Senate).

The average age of Members of the 115th Congress is among the highest of any Congress in recent U.S. history.

Speaking as a person a bit older than that 50.8 years old mark, I argue that regardless of party, affiliation, origin, location, socio-economic status, gender, orientation, race and any other category one can reasonably mention, there’s this about us olds:

we are more likely to die sooner than younger people–assuming all things being equal–and thus the young will be the largest group dealing with all the problems of the world after we’re dead.

The beyond-cynical late stage capitalist profanity that Cult45 and McConnell&Co enable and impose on the American people, our neighbors, and Our One Planet, is non-stop pillaging, like some sandcrawler working the spice sands in Dune, until the last damn nanosecond to come up with any other strategy while busily extracting every last bit of value from humans, resources, etc.

Cult45 acts like it doesn’t have any skin in the game of How To Live on Earth Long Term, because… they fucking don’t. Surely religious End Timers are thrilled, having finally gotten someone who can help speed up the process:

So it comes as a relief to hear Dr. Warren call it like she sees it.

Let’s hear it for those young lightning rods.

Not just yes, but hell yes.
Deep bench indeed.
Make it so.


I think she would make a great senator. I hope she doesn’t lose grip of her roots. It is so easy to get lost. Who knows, maybe she will make a great president someday.

We the people need to take the reins and lead this country into a more progressive, ethical, and advanced society. More people need to run for office and replace the incumbent class.

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Agreed. She passes every test that involves pushing back against the established Left. A week or two ago, when Manafort was moved to Rikers and solitary confinement, I cried foul on twitter while so many were enjoying this opportunity for schadenfreude. Minutes after I posted, @AOC came on with a strong message on the same lines, and she emphasized the point that solitary is torture, and it doesn’t matter what we think of the person being subjected to it.

In short, she refuses to walk down the path of convenient resonance with mob-think, even if that pushback alienates some who might be allies.


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