Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reaches more people on Twitter than the press and establishment Democrats

Twitter name @AOC must have still been available April 2010

Young people, which was sadly a situation before the advent of social media. Perhaps the presence of AOC and other young progressive Dem elected officials on the platform will change that in a way that the hidebound and uninspiring members of the Third Way Dem establishment have been unable to.

Unless they’re falling onto your lawn that’s their problem.


Does it hurt to hold that much condescension in all day?


One day people are vilifying boomers, and the next day people are marginalizing millennials; ya just can’t win in the ‘socially manufactured label’ game.


If they’re actually out there canvassing I don’t mind if they fall on my lawn.

Oh good, personal attacks.

My anecdotal experience is that baby boomers are far more attached to their phones than most 20 somethings that I know. They seem to be especially vulnerable to the engagement games that our friends at Facebook play.

Since we’re all talking out of our ass here.


AOC worked extremely hard to win her election, polishing the pavement in my dad’s old neighborhood. She also tweets. Discussing politics on social media – whether it be Twitter or FB or BB - is entertainment, not political engagement.

I don’t care it you’re 20 or 50, if you “follow” a candidate and nothing else don’t kid yourself that you’re taking an active role in politics.

As for the “boomer/millenial” thing, I don’t like labels either, which is why I didn’t use them.

When I was young I was out canvassing every election. Now that I’m an antique I just do minimal stuff like help count votes during elections. I’m not even sure I consider that up to what I would consider “minimally politically engaged”.


That’s the shitty world we’re stuck with. So I’m glad she is good at it.


This is going to get recursive, fast.


But ya kinda did, though.

You made an unfair overgeneralization based upon assumed age, as @DukeTrout just pointed out above.


Not at all, I just made a factual comment relating demographics, intentionally avoiding specifying the demographics. No labeling. And if sluggo is correct and older people are the ones who would be tripping over the lawns, then so be it.

Dude… try bullshitting someone else, please - the part about ‘people tripping over the curb because they can’t stop looking at their phones’ was not only your personal opinion (probably based upon your personal experiences), but it was totally rooted in ageism against the so called ‘younger generations.’

Just own it, and move on; nobody is perfect.


If you want to insist on assuming I mean something different from what I say I meant, and then attack me for it, I can’t stop you (though I seem to recall there are forum policies against it).

All I ever wanted to say in this thread – see also my first post in it – is that social media can be a way of convincing yourself that you’re engaged in positive political activity when one isn’t. I believe this independent of age.

Except to do so, you invoked a stereotype that is well recognised as being a dig against younger generations. People called you out on that and you’re falling back on an “exact words” defense.

You may not have intended to hit that pitch, but all the nearby dogs have their ears pricked up.


Judging you by what you actually wrote and not what you ‘intended.’

Fixed that for ya; you have a nice day now.


How does the location of the discussion change whether it’s entertainment or engagement?


One of them is easier to look down on.



Yes, discourse. That is a complete sentence.


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