Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Twitter is the ultimate antidote to Donald Trump's Twitter


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Agreed. She is a huge part of what is keeping me sane / giving me hope in this loony period.


That, or deleting Twitter, yes


You want to know how scared the Republicans are of this woman? We all already know her name.


Yeah. She’s a just-elected first-time House representative; under normal conditions, only extreme political junkies and her constituents would be familiar with her. Now, though? She’s already something of a household name.


I’m considering signing up for Twitter just to follow her commentary and give support.

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You don’t have to formally join Twitter to follow someone’s comments, you can just bookmark their page.


There is nothing that Mueller or Congress could do that would damage Il Douche as much as banning him from Twitter.


I hope she has the continued determination to fight the trolls on Twitter as she heads into office. So many brutally obstinate people who think they have the right to participate in our society without having to give back.

I think when I catch up to my workload, I might take a shot at a revision of The Little Red Hen for today’s crowd. Perhaps they have the brainpower to understand that one.


Twitter is the ultimate antidote to Donald Trump’s Twitter

No. And this isn’t anything against AOC, but the antidote is the media simply not poring over and dissecting every stupid thing the Kumquat thinks to type into his phone on the toilet at 4 AM.


I recollect one where she took apart Jacob Wohl (who has practically Trumpian levels of ignorant idiocy and undeserved sense of self-worth), responding to some incredibly dumb-ass tweet of his that implied that (a) Puerto Rico wasn’t part of the USA, and that (b) it was a socialist country. Granted, it didn’t take much to take that apart, but it was still funny.


I disagree. They are, unfortunately, public statements by the president of the United States. They can’t be ignored. The problem is the media just repeating them or, perhaps worse, accepting their premises and debating the worth of something he says when it’s both false and irrelevant. A proper dissection - actually tearing them apart and breaking them down with context (showing how they’re both false and irrelevant), however - is the appropriate antidote.


I like her.


I really don’t see why not. You haven’t explained that. You’re taking it as a given that because the office he inhabits is so important that he can’t be ignored, but I’ve been advocating ignoring him at the institutional level since he took office: Whether it’s people not resigning and not complying in government institutions, or the media not playing the game that keeps him in the news cycle every week. The office has power because we actively participate to give it power, whether because it’s in our long term interests, or simply because we can’t envision an alternative.

Meanwhile what’s the benefit of endless refutation? Truth is not a factor in the support he gets. All the fact-o-meters and Pinocchios in the world aren’t convincing anyone of anything who isn’t already convinced. I question who the consumers of this media are, and to what end they consume it. There’s a cost to it, as well. All of the time, energy, and effort expended in Twitter wars starts to take on the character of a consumptive spectacle. And I’m not taking either end of a black-and-white position: Some of what he does and says needs to be addressed. Just not literally all of it. Two years in, I think people have done the refutation job well enough that they’re allowed to be dismissive of a lot of the crap that comes out of his phone/mouth.


There is nothing that Mueller or Congress could do that would damage Il Douche as much as banning him from Twitter.

If he’s in jail he can’t use the twitter…


Another good anti-Trump twitter stream is George Conway’s. Especially if you like corgis with your twitter burns.


I only wish her response to Palin had been, “I’m sorry, who are you again?”


They cannot be that scared. They sent Sarah Palin.

ETA: This is the person lecturing about “basic civics”–someone with a poor grasp of it themselves


It’s a pity that Instagram hates the open web and will not let you view AOC’s stories without an account.

I was hoping to see some of these things she’s been posting for myself, but they evidently auto-delete after one day and the ones that are pinned so as to not disappear require a login.


They’ve already started the lies. The Hilary treatment is coming along well.