Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will pay every staffer a living wage, ending the longstanding practice of Congressional staffers taking second jobs

And less likely to sell out for steak.


I think some commenters didn’t read and absorb the article before jumping in. It’s stated by AOC’s own staff that there are hopes that the Committee for Congressional Modernization addresses this when they convene.

Her own staff were in agreement and in favor of the redistribution. I think if they didn’t support the idea behind it, they would have jumped ship already.
Honestly, if they support the changes due to deeply-held beliefs in support of equity, is criticism of those changes actually going to make any difference?


I thought it was pretty clear one of the points of this was to advocate for better pay for congressional staffer. I cannot believe that in an allegedly first world country many of them are forced to take second jobs.


You practice what you preach and the flock will come running. Also makes it a lot harder to tear you down.


@Creasy_Tvedt and @anon8992913 here not only uncovered that AOC will be earning the salary the law requires her to earn, but also that she will be living in a nice apartment while doing so. I’m glad they set everyone straight before anyone ended up supporting this fraud.


And a salary at least last I looked at what cost of living/rent prices are in DC isn’t really all that great. Oh it will get you a nicer apartment than most but that living wage the staffers are getting or even the top paid ones not so much. You will be scraping by and/or sharing a place with someone but at least not having to work 2 jobs.


Let’s see how the conservative news outlets spins this as some sort of Bad Thing. “That Cortez woman pays her staffers a living wage - next thing you know she’ll be wanting business leaders to pay their staff a living wage. What a socialist monster!”


Isn’t that basically living the American Dream? Or is that only allowed for white men.

You jelly?


Oh man, what a luxury apartment complex! Can you believe the price to rent units is average to slightly above average for the city!? Talk about hypocrite.


The frightened efforts to discredit AOC’s integrity…



Indeed. Just the kind of all-American rise up the ladder of which you surely approve, no?


For a certain type of Champion of Capitalism*, bootstraps are reserved only for only a few classes of American. AOC doesn’t make their cut on at least two counts.

[* e.g. the kind who spreads falsehoods and Bircher conspiracy theories]


It’s funny. Harvard did a study that shows ‘high performing superstars’ reduce overall productivity if they are toxic ( - yet here we are seeing people defend ‘paying the best’ … well if 50k is now the bottom - they were making over 3 times the lower salary?

One superstar can’t equal the output of 3 competent performers. I’d be willing to wager (based on scientific evidence no less) that her staff will run better, and with more productive output than other offices - just based on the fact that her staff won’t be drop dead tired from having to work two jobs all the time.

I don’t have an issue with paying people more money - 3x isn’t even a big gap really - but thinking that someone is 3x more productive is silly - that extra money should be thought of as incentive to keep talent, investment in training and experience, and rewards for a job well done - not some kind of ‘this makes you a better person’ thing.

The way work is viewed in this country is beyond stupid.

Hat trick here - everyone laughs about how Japanese work themselves to death - but the USA actually works longer hours. We just lie to ourselves about it (

It’d be nice if we can stop lying about all this crap and have a ‘look in the mirror’ moment. Hopefully AOC is exactly that.


Yes. Something about this economy has made it all too easy to become one’s work. And to basically forget about so much else in life.


The sense I get is that a lot of younger people like her are waking up to the fact that the Protestant Work Ethic is a mug’s game, especially in the context of late-stage capitalism.


maybe there’s a ceiling on how much “experience” makes you better at doing politics, and it doesn’t scale infinitely - especially when you are doing very plain, simple policy and not galaxy brained contortioned to support “market based” solutions and cater to corporations without it being completely transparent to voters


Good for her; don’t just talk about it, BE about it.

More power to her.


Love that message. The “move fast and break things” ethos has proven to be so destructive, in the end.