Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is a bizarre condition where your perception of the world is wayyyy off

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This would happen to me sometimes when I was a kid. I didn’t think too much about it, and don’t recall ever telling anyone else about it either. It was never frequent/severe enough to be debilitating or anything, and the frequency faded as I got older.


Same here! Probably fewer than a handful of times, for me. I occasionally think about how strange it was, but it hasn’t happened for many years now.


Interesting. I had this happen as a child, generally while being really focused on the TV; I’d feel like I got huge even though nothing changed size or perspective. A hint of it was noticeable as an adult doing those hidden picture things where you had to change your eye focus to see the 3D image.
I thought by the title we maybe had a reason for QAnon, MTG, and the rest. Guess not.


This happened to me frequently as a child into early adulthood. I could trigger it by holding perfectly still and concentrating. Most often, I could make either my hands or my entire body feel like it was shrinking down to the size of a pinpoint.

Not knowing any better, I thought I was having prenatal memories from when I was extremely small.


Huh, I just thought that feeling was part of getting used to new bifocals and trifocals! :nerd_face: :wink:


Wow this seems to be way more common than we think. Like the previous five commenters, I also experienced something similar in my childhood, usually when I was in bed. It was always the same thing- I jump from flower to flower, the tops are bouncy and I fly way up, all while being chased by giants.
I asked my family and friends then, and no one had similar experiences.
Pink Floyd’s lines in Comfortably Numb spoke to me:

When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons

Only it wasn’t just the hands. 35 years later, this thread and story, giving the experience a name. Isn’t that something? :slight_smile:


I used to get this as a kid and young adult but with time. If I was very still, some times it would feel like I was moving super fast. Or the world around me was moving super slow.


What a fascinating syndrome. Obviously its bad for the person, but it’s almost like they don’t know it. Great read for the morning.

I pay good money for these sorts of perceptual distortions /s


Happened to me a couple of times as a teen, about 1/2 hour after eating a very small bit of paper with a silly picture on it! Good times.


I think it was a Steve Martin album from the 1970s called, “Lets Get Small.” Code for getting high.

I experienced this too when I was younger, but the symptoms don’t come around here no more


Like many others, this happened to me as a kid, but before I knew I had MS, which current thinking relates to Epstein Barr exposure.

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One late night when I was very tired but awake I had the distinct feeling the space between me on the couch and the tv on the opposite side of the room was like a canyon and as if I was a tiny person standing about where my eyes are.


I had this happen fairly often as a child/teenager, and occasionally as an adult.

As a child/teen it usually occurred when reading music or books - it felt as if the page I was staring at was a thousand miles wide and miles away from me, while simultaneously being really tiny and really close.

The times it’s happened while an adult have been when reading books, and once or twice when I’ve had a really bad fever. That could have been “enhanced” by cough medicine. I remember lying in bed trying to sleep, feeling that everything was excessively loud, but also very, very quiet. I felt like an ant lying on a bed, acres of space around me stretching off into the distance, and at the same time I felt like a giant staring down on the room from a great height. Time also felt like it was moving really fast, and yet slow like treacle.

Always weirded me out as a kid, but less so after dabbling a little with psychedelics in my 20’s.


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