The Barbie Doll Illusion experiment gives you an out-of-body experience

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Yea, I experimented with that drug in college, but only a little.


What’s the fun of living in a dream house if you have to give up your genitals as part of the bargain??


This seems to work with vehicles too, to some extent.

To bring it up a notch, chop the doll’s legs off with a meat cleaver while hitting the subject’s legs with a plastic sword.


I think in a more abstract way, this is what makes democracy difficult. Each individual voter sees the larger world in terms of their own life situation. There’s no good way to change the scale of the problem to fit the voters life experience, so politicians are always pandering to the voter, and the government is always talking down to the citizen.

Say what you will about Monarchy, at least it offers up a 1:1 scale model of the body politic.


the Karolinska Institutet

While most readers probably won’t realize or care, the Swedish word “Institutet” literally means “the Institute”. So “Karolinska Institutet” is already a definite noun. It’s rather awkward to use an English “the” before it. If you feel you need the definite article, just snip off the “-t” from the end of the word. “Institute” is a word in Swedish as well, and means exactly the same thing, but can be used without the redundancy of two definite articles.


See also: Dough J, Goodnuff I. 2017. Loss of sphincter control in subjects believing they inhabit sphincter-less bodies. Am J Med. 62(13):1120-1337.


What a weird coincidence that this was posted this morning. I am a cab driver, and last night I was on a call to pick up ‘Connor’ from a strip club. He/she wasn’t answering their phone when I arrived, so I popped in (keep your smart-alec comments to yourselves, I hate those places :D) and asked the bartender if she knew what the dealy-o was. She said he/she might be in the ‘lottery room’ and pointed in a generalish direction somewhere behind me. It was fairly dark and dingy (all red lights), and I saw a doorway into a narrow hallway that led into a room with another full bar in it and started walking toward it. As I approached and entered the hallway, another guy was leaving that room and walking toward me. I stepped aside, he stepped aside in the same direction; we did the ‘step aside curtsy dance’ for four or five times until I was like ‘what the fuck is wrong with this guy!’, at which point a naked girl tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘dude, that’s a mirror’, at which point I died a little inside, said ‘oh yeah mumble mumble mumble’ and skated out of there staring at my shoes and laughing nervously, similar to how I imagine a serial killer laughing might sound.

It was the WEIRDEST sensation the moment I realized that I was looking at myself. For a few seconds I saw my physical appearance as others must, without the baggage of processing and filtering my reflection through all those judgements we accumulate over time about ourselves.


In America we speak American. Don’t make us build a wall between America and Sweden too.


thanks, I learnt an interesting fact about Swedish (but I will most likely still not care : P)

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And your reaction was “what the fuck is wrong with this guy” lol!

Good stuff


Oh man. What’s that long german word ffor when you are laughing and also feeling deep sympathy at the same time? A couple of years after I started working in my current office, they put in a floor-to-ceiling mirrors in the hallways leading to the stairwell / restrooms* at the 90 degree corner in the hall. The mirrors are at a 45 degree angle to each section of hallway. I come in early in the morning and the only light in that corner is the red exit light. I guess they put in the mirrors so that you could see someone coming down the other length of hallway. However, the other effect is that right as you get up to the mirror, it appears as though a person has suddenly appeared from a third perpendicular hallway, and is about to collide with you. It scared the pants off me the first few times. My story lacks the ambiance, but I can sympathize…

*the restrooms are located off the stairwell, it’s not just a “multipurpose space…”


snort that took me a minute to figure out.

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I wish I could like this story a few more times! That feeling of perspective popping into place has also happened to me on the dance floor. I’m doing a snoopy dance, oblivious how I might look to outsiders, and then suddenly I recognize the face in front of me and who that face belongs to and how I know them in real life, and I’m suddenly very self conscious again.


Same with “hoi polloi,” incidentally. “Hoi” means “the,” so “the hoi polloi” is redundant.


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