Meet Anatomic Anna and Andy, dolls with removable organs


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I notice they’re called “anatomical” yet have no genitalia, which isn’t a problem, but then why have them be gendered? Seems counter to the scientific approach to give them a gender unnecessarily and also to represent it solely through hair length. Why not just call them Anitomical Dolls, then let the kid pick a hair length they like on the website, then decide about gender later or never?


I was wondering why they would give him a detachable penis.


The operation was success, but the patient died.


I give it five minutes before one of the organs is irretrievably lost down a ventilation grill, or down a drain, or simply swallowed. I hope they can all stay in the cavity independently of one another.


Educating kids about anatomy is great, but “Anatomic Anna” (or Andy) sounds like a Garbage Pail Kid.


Or - an old timey burlesque dancer.


The “visible woman” plastic model kit came with a little white box containing a wee plastic womb and ovaries . . . might have had a plastic fetus as well. I don’t remember the wording, but the box had a notice that parents were supposed to look things over first before breaking it to the kids that babies weren’t actually flown in by storks.


I think they use these


This looks like your curry is finished. Can I you another serving?


As an anatomist, I appreciate the teaching tool for young people.
I also bemoan that we try to shield children from the existence of genitalia. They have them, they know they have them, they may have seen the genitalia of their siblings, and they probably have questions about them.

I know parents have a hard time explaining these things to children but that really needs to stop. It contributes to so many societal ills.


I can see second hand sales of these dolls dressed & painted up all creepy like do well on Etsy


Help Magazine #24 - “Christopher’s Punctured Romance” starring John Cleese:


I had the visible woman as a kid, I loved it! Thanks for the little memory trip!


These are awesome!!! Excellent for homeschooling parents, science teachers and even schools and libraries should get these. My kids already love the concept.


…wanted to further her kids’ STEM education but could only find anatomical models made for medical students.

Anatomical models made for medical students are called “people.”


Black people don’t have internal organs?



How about “Autopsy Otto?”


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