Understanding vulvas: what do they really look like?


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I find it really disturbing that I knew more about vulvas than some people who actually have them. And not even just children, or women in some ultra-misogynist repressive theocracy, but adult women in the United Kingdom. Makes me wonder how much worse things are on this side of the pond.


When they were walking around with the vulva model, I kept thinking “I bet my 7 year old can do a better job of labeling the parts”. Then I thought “If she can’t, I had better do a better job as a parent.”


It’s deeply weird for a gay guy who’s never been around a labia to know more about the parts of female anatomy than actual ladies.

The Guardian's released the first of "The Vagina Dispatches," four short documentaries about women's genitals.
Short documentaries? Shouldn't they be about men's genitals?*


  • Take that, one of the sexes!


Where in the world would an image of an uvula be NSFW?


I’d suppose you’d think these should be deep, instead…


I found one. Did I win?


Found one too! Wait, it’s a flower, I think.


The etymology by which volvo, valve and vulva are all related is interesting. The original meaning of “valve” was part of a folding door, which obviously resembles the female external sex apparatus in function but is also related to revolving - which is where volvo comes in. Valves also refer to the halves of a mollusc shell, some of which look extremely like the externals of vulvas, and the valves in blood vessels also look a look like labia.
If there were to be a god, it’s definitely a she and she likes putting female external sex organs all over the place to remind us who’s boss. I don’t mind, I like vulvas (and quite a lot of the people who have them.)


Lesson 1: vulva != vagina


What does this 9/11 memorial make you think of?


Thank you for this. I’ve always known about the Volvo symbol being that of the ancient symbol for IRON/Mars and the latin definition of “I roll” = volvere.

I do find it ironic your interpretation of the volvo logo/name being feminine while the visual symbol most closely relates to the symbol of masculinity.


Don’t blame me, blame Indo-European --> Latin and Italian. Volvo - > I turn or roll. Volvo the company combined this with the alchemical symbol for iron, and the symbol for iron may represent a shield and spear, i.e. the planet Mars and its association with war. But revolving and valves are feminine in association.
On a related note it’s said that Subarus are the make of choice for US lesbians, and this may have arisen because the badge is the main stars in the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, which was then seized on as a marketing ploy. We shouldn’t expect too much consistency from symbols.



What if the gay guy is a trans man?


Maybe so, but if you knew what passed for Sex Ed when I was a teenager, you might possibly find it equally “deeply weird” that any of us were able to use tampons at all.


Postmodern Eye of Sauron?


Boxy But Good!!! ( <3 that movie so much!)


The pitch drop experiment?