Four anatomical models you assemble from 132 anatomically correct sub-components


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One of the models looks just like The Visible Man.

I remember Renwal’s “visible” series of models fondly - I built the anatomically correct Visible Man and Visible Woman (super racy for pre-teen me) as well as the Visible V-8, Visible Auto Chassis, and Visible Rotary engine models.


Those figures raised a generation of youth to have unrealistic standards of physical beauty. To this day I can’t really get hot for any woman who doesn’t have a finely sculpted pancreas.


And a replaceable transparent womb showing each stage of fetal development?


Is that really an Oreo or chocolate pastry at the base of that brain. I know I have some kind chocolate brain center but the base brain is really primal and I didn’t know it was that deeply seated


I had the horse. :slight_smile:


I always wanted to make an anatomically correct titanide centaur using the visible woman and the visible horse.


I had no idea the Visible Horse existed! My parents must have made sure I didn’t find out.

I bet an unopened original of that would be worth the big bucks on


I don’t dare click that one. :star_struck:


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