Anatomical maquettes of fanciful creatures


Very nice work. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind owning one or two of those myself, though I’m not quite interested enough to bid or commission one. If I saw them in person, that might push me over the edge…

It’s not uncommon for artists trying to do realistic renderings of imaginary creatures to spend some time figuring out what kind of skeleton and musculature would be needed if the beast was real. That does involve making some assumptions about it being built out of roughly the same biology that we’re familiar with… but can make a substantial difference in how believable the final result is. So in some sense, what we’re seeing here is a fully-rendered version of that intermediate stage, and the real insight here is that this has fascination and beauty of its own.

The spacecraft covering the area which I presume is his penis is throwing me off. It made me snicker. Maybe that’s the point?

The Maenad one is fail: breast tissue depicted as muscle tissue in an anatomical sculpture? Really? It’s like making a movie about a certain famous ship that sank claiming super precise accuracy of the details and then getting the one detail wrong that anyone with paltry sum could check with some software. Oops.

I was about to agree with you.

I then realized the only thing they’d be useful for is as a mechanism to squeeze something laterally, probably for forcefully ejecting a fluid or . . . perhaps the mechanism has some saddle-shaped pressure mechanism that requires a bit of lateral pressure to release? Maybe that wasn’t a nipple but was the tip of a harpoon or something?

It may have also failed so bad that it kind of went full circle, admittedly. I offer up no opinion there.

I pondered that myself. Then reminded myself that this is a nonhuman. There’s nothing which says milk gland can’t be under or incorporated in a layer of muscles. Whales are able to actively squirt their milk, if I remember correctly, to help deal with the problem of trying to nurse while underwater.

And we don’t know for sure that Maenads are mammals. Those might not be breasts.

Yeah, it looks like an oversight. But, y’know, the fact that it would be such an obvious error in otherwise well-researched and well-executed work is exactly what makes me suspect it may have been deliberate.

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