Man creates realist body-cut-in-two illusion and scares people [video]


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What an elaborate ploy to steal a box of Wheat Thins…

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Very nice. Hitting like 1000000x

My favorite body-cut-in-half illusion story was the one from 1937 involving “The Amazing Half-Boy” Johnny Eck, his identical twin brother Robert, and a dwarf disguised as Johnny’s severed lower body. The reaction it caused was the stuff of legend.

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I’d like to see him just walk around normally rather than making scary sounds. It’s be more subtle and interesting.


looks more sur-realist to me. perhaps you meant realistic.

Awesome “weird trick,” (heh), but am I a concern troll if I say it might not be such a good thing to cause people to run into traffic? Not that that happened in the video, but I hope he chose his locations carefully. At least it looks like he avoided elderly, potential heart attack victims.


I highly doubt people would do much more than the occasional stare or possibly just avoid him altogether if it wasn’t for the fact he was forcing the situation with that fake “roar”.


The 2 girls getting away in a speeding car was a bit ridiculous ( and fake?).


David Copperfield did this same illusion years ago

Concern troll is the new Godwin fail. Happy Slappers FTW!

I can never keep track of what “concern troll” is supposed to mean. Google indicates that it means something like “undercover enemy agent sowing dissension from within.” In context, it usually seems more like “ally who is insufficiently radical and must be vilified as an example to others.” I can’t make either of them make sense here, though.

It completely depends on whether the accuser appreciates the original gag. No doubt Candid camera had the occasional outtake, maybe someone didn’t sign the release at the end, and the footage was lost. If you have a problem with anything on candid camera, you can be accused of being a concern troll. Likewise for naked model photoshoots in public, or dead cat quadracopters. If someone appreciates the stunt, but you don’t, then you’ll be a called concern troll if you raise any objection.

It’s one of the few things David Brin did not predict in Transparent Society

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Am I really the only person who watched this and thought “BUT HOW?!”?


Obviously he cut himself in half. What I can’t figure out is how there’s no blood coming from his hips.


I can’t have been the only person who winced when the kid ran straight into the road without looking…


Right, that’s why I said above, I hope the joker at least chose his locations carefully. Maybe the road was traffic free?

What this man needs is some good zombie makeup.

As far as I can tell it means something like “disapproving on behalf of others.” Tut-tutting not because you have a (acknowledged) negative reaction, but because you’re concerned that someone else might. It’s not necessarily a bad thing if it’s honest — “I noticed that unmarked open manhole but someone else might not,” but I suppose what makes it trollish is when it’s used to mask one’s own reaction. When Helen Lovejoy shrieks “think of the children!” she’s using the hypothetical children as sock puppets through which to express her own hyper overreaction without taking ownership of it.


I would suppose the illusion only works if you are looking right at his front.

Seeing him from the side, you’d see him hunched over (and intact). The apparent arms you see are rubber fakes.