Watch two guys disguised as one person sneak into movie theater!

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Where do you get this stuff?


Finally there’s an upside to the obesity epidemic.


I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t two boys on each other’s shoulders…


Late Stage Capitalism or Fetus in Fetu…

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Vincent Adultman: Kevin is in the bathroom and I’m standing right here, so as you can see, we’re clearly two different people. One adult and one child. Okay bye!


So much easier at the drive-in. Just put one in the trunk.

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I prefer leprechauns…

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Good clean fun

Start the reactor!!!

Reminds me of the best “sawn-in-half” illusion ever, which was accomplished via a man born without legs or pelvis and his fully-formed identical twin:

In 1937, Eck and Robert were recruited by the illusionist and hypnotist, Rajah Raboid, for his “Miracles of 1937” show.[10] In it they performed a magic feat that amazed audiences. Raboid performed the traditional sawing-a-man-in-half illusion, except with an unexpected twist. At first Robert would pretend to be a member of the audience and heckle the illusionist during his routine, resulting in Robert being called on stage to be sawed in half himself. During the illusion, Robert would then be switched with his twin brother Eck, who played the top half of his body, and a dwarf, who played the bottom half, concealed in specially-built pant legs.[10] After being sawed in half, the legs would suddenly get up and start running away, prompting Eck to jump off the table and start chasing his legs around the stage, screaming, “Come back!” “I want my legs back!”[11] Sometimes he even chased the legs into the audience. The subsequent reaction was amazing - people would scream and sometimes even flee the theater in terror.


Seems to me whatever money you saved by not paying for an extra ticket would only get wasted buying all that XXXXL clothing to create the obese illusion.

So you guys are going to have to do this a few more times to actually make it worthwhile.


I get the impression that they did it just to see if they could do it, not to save money on movie tickets.


Yeah, the amount of work they went through to pull this stunt off, the planning and prep, this definitely wasn’t about saving like 10/15 dollars.

This was a labor of love.


Sometimes I wonder just how often we encounter people pulling this sort of thing without realizing it.


(I know, I was kind of joking.)


Jaw dropping. How is this not making fun of fat people? What’s next, speech impediments? How about funny walks in crutches? I hear gay people make swish gestures, you could go after them, maybe.

I’d say mostly because it isn’t (that’s how).