Blindfolded man pranked with fake bungee jump


Ugg. Reminds me of the people who get lined up for execution blindfolded only to hear the clicks of the empty rifles when they pull the trigger. I guess it’s harmless fun to the crowd, but I wouldn’t want to be that guy.



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I’m reminded of that Simpsons episode where Homer joins the Stonecutters.

“…I think I have to do it again, my blindfold came off”

Can’t think of many more fun things to do than watching boys and men be mean to each other.


We used to do something like this, called “initiation”:

  1. 2 people (A and B) squat down at either end of a closet rod, and hold the rod about 6 inches from the ground
  2. 2 more people (Y and Z) crouch in front of them
  3. The blindfolded initiate is told to stand on the rod, placing their hands on the shoulders of Y and Z
  4. Initiate is (falsely) told that Y and Z are holding the rod and are going to lift the rod (with the initiate on top) up to their shoulders
  5. Really, though, Y and Z slowly squat down lower and lower, while A and B merely move the rod a little bit. The initiate “feels” Y and Z moving lower and lower as the rod (ostensibly) goes higher and higher
  6. The initiate is told to JUMP
  7. The initiate falls all of 6 inches to the ground; mirth and/or ridicule ensue
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Is it just old fart disease? I can’t see the fun in mean pranks these days…

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Was he deaf too? The guy laughing at him from the echoey front porch and people calling to him from beyond the ‘gorge’ make it seem a little obvious. But maybe he was really drunk at the time, or it was staged or something.


If not fake, it couldn’t have been a total surprise, unless the guy is deaf.

Surely their voices bouncing off the water at his feet would have subliminally given the game away.

Serves him right for trusting his friends.

Or the laughter of the camera guy coming from the abyss in front of him.

He said in an interview that he was both a little bit drunk and very, very scared, so he really didn’t pay attention to the details…

Man, some people just can’t have ANY FUN.

How was this mean, though? I mean it’s not like they hurt him.

If it happened to me, I’d feel humiliated, for being singled out and laughed at. Humiliating anyone, even for a “good” laugh, strikes me as cruel. I hate being the butt of practical jokes inflicted on me for the sake of others. I guess I could see, though, that if this guy or anyone else came out of it feeling glad that it happened to them, that would be okay.

Still though, where exactly IS the humor in this, if not in seeing another temporarily humiliated?

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