Alien Autopsy: the one-man theater show from one of the hoaxers!

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Holy Moly! That sucked.


Diehard believers will declare that the hoax admission is a fake.


It seems that alien mania has subsided since at least 2000. For granted, the media landscape was much more limited in the 80’s and 90’s, especially if you didn’t subscribe to cable TV . But the airwaves were flooded with things about UFO’s, abductions, little green men and so on. Unsolved Mysteries and the X-files really fed a lot into it. I can recall even daytime talk shows featuring people who claimed to have had alien encounters.

So wait, is this a show about a documentary about a fake film which was a recreation of another fake film?

That is Meta AF


What would MJ-12 do?

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Hah! I knew t was fake right off. too many fingers.

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