All 15 employees quit a Noah's Bagels in California after manager was wrongly fired

I’m not sure your theory holds much water. There are a ton of job openings in places like this right now, and it’s not like being the manager at a local bagel shop is a highly desirable and well-paid position where someone higher up in the company would be motivated to fire someone just to make an opening for a relative. They’ve already got openings for that exact position in California locations anyway, which I found with a quick google search.


True enough, assuming the the additional openings are in a close enough distance. There is insufficient data in the article to determine the reason behind the Suspension/Firing.

You are fired, no reason given, is weird. Normally, there would be some generic catchall, That is why I asked about Right to Work. Normally, there is more of a paper trail, but I am used to the HR/PR processes of a large corp.

Not right to work - which governs employees ability to chose to participate in a union or not, but it is an “at will state” but there are still restrictions at what covers a legal reason for termination.


CA is an At-Will state so no justification needs to be given for termination, which is a policy that is incredibly toxic. That said management gives vague reasoning for the termination, which in my non-lawyer uninformed opinion is likely to bite them in the ass, from what i recall if they provide a flaky response that can be used against them and could potentially end up creating a case of wrongful termination. My insight is mostly from comments a past retain manager/boss, the company was also an at-will company and they went through a lot of trouble to gather justification for termination even if they didn’t have to just to cover themselves if questioned. The scummy thing was that they could just use petty unrelated things to let people go if the real problem was a conflict of personality or someone asking for their schedule to be changed (they loved forcing people to have open availability or else)

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yeah, its “at will” and you can get fired cause ya wore the wrong looking shirt that day.

but! I really LIKE? that the whole crew said “F-U” to the man. and all walked out.
Sure everyone is a replaceable cog - but that location has the taint of media on it now.

Lets hope the owner has a brief financial hit for being an a-hole.

before starting up a new crew and showing us working cogs how replaceable we all really are…


Worker solidarity is the only thing that changes corporate bullshit. Good for them

There is no employee shortage, there are shortages of companies willing to pay living wages and thankfully a decreasing number of people that feel the need to take lousy jobs for starvation wages


Rock on.


Stuff like this just warms the cockles of my cold commie heart.


I don’t think “right to work” means what you think it does.

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this – exactly this.


no, that’s what it means all right: you can be fired without notice and no reason need be given. “right to work” really means “No rights for workers.”


So she didn’t kneel fast enough in front of management or was she becoming qualified enough to earn a raise?

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" take the … very seriously*

A sure corporate sign that they do not, actually, take the matter seriously.


Is this the one at Nut Tree Plaza? If so, the comments on Yelp, both before and after the firing, are…not great. There’s a real deli down the road in Fairfield, for anyone looking for bagels in the area.


Oh Fuck. Haven’t heard “Nut Tree Plaza” in a couple of decades.

Lived a few miles down the freeway from that place and knew someone who worked in the candle shop there. Pretty much a soul sucking toxic tourist trap/outlet store mess either way.


Ah fuck. I screwed up on edit. But you’re wrong here. “Right to Work” legislation is about blocking successful union activity.

The term you want is “At-Will Employment” which means that the boss can shitcan you for anything at any time outside of discrimination against protected classes.

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The Nut Tree used to be a pretty big deal: Governor Reagan used to entertain bigshots there, and they once catered a meal for Brenda Queen Elizabeth. The old Coffee Tree restaurant building, now demolished, won some architectural awards (despite the fact that it was ugly as hell). Now, as you note, it is just a complex of strip malls. Convenient for UC Davis students looking for bargains. (If they want bad bagels, there’s a Noah’s in Davis itself.)


ahh, you’re right. i get those two mixed up.

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Yeah, the “new” Nut Tree is in name only… damn shame what they did to the place. It’s utterly soulless and just an extension of the Bay Area retail fringe developments that surround the whole area (but with 25x less character, because Vacaville). I’m thankful they kept the sign that fronts the highway though.

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Oooh… where/who??? Inquiring minds want to know!