Florida man goes ape over $4 bundt cake coupon, may lose $204,000 job

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bundt cake

bundt cake huffer? WTF!



Wonder if he knows the highly paid school yard pooper?




”city planner”

No way. Planners are mild-mannered, long-game, rules followers. Also, three of them wouldn’t get paid that much together.

This turkey is the actual City Manager, like an appointed mayor or CEO of the entire town. He totally does deserve the chopping block. Boom.


Hey, I get it. Sometimes nothing but a free (regularly $4.99) bundt cake can fix a bad day. I mean how do we know there weren’t terrorists at his home with guns trained on his family with the only solution being him delivering a bundt cake to the terrorists to save his family from a grisly fate. All I’m saying is maybe we should wait for the whole story to come out before we rip this dip a new a one for his shortsightedness and general assholery. /end sarcasm (just in case).


OK; so the guy had an expired coupon, and he asked the person at the shop to “break the rules”. That’s… pretty normal? I mean, it’s a shitty thing to do to someone who works a service job and who might have their boss come down on them hard when they “break the rules”, but it’s well within normal human behavior. The “nasty” part is apparently something his wife posted on facebook? Which isn’t detailed here?

This is pretty thin broth. I’m guessing the council member who suggested firing the guy had an existing bone to pick.


" . . . Salamon had a fit when a local baker refused to honor his coupon for a free cake . . ."

" . . . after he got nasty when told his coupon for the free mini Bundt at Nothing Bundt Cakes had expired . . ."

they don’t get into specifics but it sounds like there was a little more to it than just asking someone to


Oh, make sure you go and read the linked articles. This guy got his job after his predecessor was let go for bullying and failing to manage employees. The article on his hiring actually says he “plans to stay out of the news.” Sunrise, you gotta work on your vetting.


“My favorite people are the people of the dessert”, said Lawrence as he picked up his fork.

(Saw this years ago on the wall of a pie shop; been cracking up over it ever since.)


Well, that’s pretty much how most people get $200k jobs in the first place.


Typical rich prick just being a prick! If being a dick outside your job gets you fired, I dunno honestly seems like a stretch. Worse people to focus on anyway. Way worst. The worstest. So worse they’ll still have a job and it’ll make your head explode wondering how. Yeah dare to dream :confused:

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They don’t go into the details at all. I was looking for what kind of “fit” he threw. Or in what way he “got nasty”. There was nothing. So, based on the evidence provided, there’s nothing there I wouldn’t do. I’ll withhold my flaming pitchfork until I get some actual deets.


This is only a story because “bundt cake” is intrinsically funny


I didn’t even know buying them was a thing people did. In my day, you bought the box of cake mix (which did not cost $4), and made it yourself. A quick search revealed “specialty” cake shops are selling people a bundt cake for $19 to $40. Now I’m wondering if this is fad, like the cronut, or my future retirement scam gig.


Not to worry. In not too many years a huge portion of this state should be underwater. The damned thing is the flattest state in the Union and barely above sea level as it is.


Definitely. I predict these bundt cake shops will go the way of froyo shops soon enough.


The video said something about his wife and a facebook post. Pretty sparse on details, I agree.

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So we at Boing Boing think it’s ok to fire someone for behavior off the clock that doesn’t appear to violate any laws, or involve any sort of racism/sexism that would call into question their ability to represent the entire community? We think that one angry episode, possibly while hangry, should make someone lose their job - no write up, no suspension, straight to termination?

Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve gotten annoyed over little stuff like this in the past. Usually it was because I was depressed about a larger issue or maybe I was just low on money and blood sugar.

If he didn’t like, threaten them or something I think firing is a bit extreme.