Help wanted at candy store. No complainers, know-it-alls, whiners, sloths, manipulators, roamers, hiders, shirkers, liars, haters, clock watchers, controllers, passive aggressors, pukers, or splitters

Originally published at: Help wanted at candy store. No complainers, know-it-alls, whiners, sloths, manipulators, roamers, hiders, shirkers, liars, haters, clock watchers, controllers, passive aggressors, pukers, or splitters | Boing Boing


Sorry, I’m a roamer and I ain’t gonna change.


It’s like hearing slang from what sounds like an internet void zone.

Old school. From the before time. Like Little House on the Prairie.

Nellie goes for a ride



Proprietor Randy Good has a lot to say about the kind of people he doesn’t want working for him, particularly “pukers” and “splitters.”

He seems nice. What person (and especially what woman) wouldn’t want to work for this charmer?




Not so many folks still want to buy from him right now either. Great way to keep your business going, Randy!


By putting all of this into a simple job posting, is he not being a puker? Did he not just puke up all his problems into this Facebook post for the whole world to deal with?


Splitting is a behavior of girls, young mostly but not always. Usually taught by their mothers. This is the person who talks about others in an attempt to split people apart and feel better about themselves. You know, “so and so said this about you and I couldn’t believe it! so and so is so stuck up that she thinks she’s better than us”. And so it goes.

I thought it was the Judean People’s Front.


OTOH, it’s thoughtful of him to let prospective job applicants know right in his petulantly unprofessional help wanted ad that working for him would be a parade of drama.


And to think “like a kid in a candy store!” used to be an expression conveying unbridled joy.


Kind of like how some people try to create division between the genders by spreading ugly stereotypes in order to feel better about themselves.


It’s Indiana, land of Mike Pence. This strikes me as a ploy that will probably attract customers.

There was this… I think it was an Outer Limits, Tales from the Dark Side, I don’t remember. This recluse lived in a totally clean environment, like, everything cleanroom clean. He sees :open_mouth: a cockroach. He spends the show trying to kill them, and they keep appearing. Ends up, the roaches were coming out of HIM!

Dunno what reminded me of that… :thinking:


Trying to drive wedges between people is bad behaviour, but hardly limited to a single gender or primarily the domain of youth. Methinks this guy sees what he wants to see.

“Puking” is interesting, as it could also be interpreted as “gee, this person needs some support and help”, something I sense would not be forthcoming from the proprietor of this candy store. I’m sure there are people who love to do nothing but complain, but also young kids trying to struggle with the weight of their over-bearing hyper conservative Christian parents that are looking for a sympathetic ear :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Candy thieves are not on the list so I’m all in.


People are right for calling him out, but I wonder if the volume of social media piling-on has the opposite of the intended effect. This guy seems to think it has already benefited him… so how would anyone ever possibly change his mind now? I guess that really isn’t the goal anyway…

Looks like the apology has been issued:

Good morning,
I have now seen the worst in people. My attackers have now included my family into their scheme to ruin Good’s Candy Shop. I’ve misplaced my sarcasm, wit and humor today. Please excuse me.
I’ve been sent a copy of a post. It was the most horrid and hideous of anything I’ve read to date.
It’s prompted me to rethink my position about these false attacks. My family has been targeted.
Never, have I or would I, under any set of circumstances publicly attack anyone for any reason. Sure, I’ve had some tongue and cheek after I’ve been attacked on FB but I’ve never sought anyone out publicly.
There isn’t any evidence anywhere of anything I’m made out to be. There isn’t a person walking this earth, now or ever, who under oath and threat of perjury, who can provide evidence of anything I’m accused of being or doing.
I’ve never raised my voice to an employee. I’ve never mistreated anyone in my employ, ever.
I’ve never, ever, and it angers me to even broach this, been inappropriate with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Damn, I hate making myself even type that. Those most recent statements do hurt. It breaks my heart, makes me sad and very angry that someone could say this. I devoted many years to a cause to prevent this very act. This is a low as anyone can go to discredit me.
I’ve never publicly spoken ill of another business or their owners.
I"ve never attacked anyone anonymously or otherwise.
On the post I did not list, mention, infer to a daughter or mother I know or otherwise, who practiced bad work behavior. I listed my experience. Not anywhere in that post do I state I was looking for a particular kind of person or type. It does not say I do not like a particular gender over another. I’ve never discriminated, hated, or mistreated anyone in my employ. There isn’t an ounce of evidence that exists on this earth to prove otherwise.
I admit ,I poorly communicated my experiences. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I’ve made one here. But only out of ignorance, not malice.
My ingrained defiance, will and personality does not allow for perceived weakness, very easily. Business is a tough sport.
I’ve had and have wonderful employees over the years. Many who are and were fine young ladies. I’ve watched and felt a part of their growing up, learning and mastering our craft. It continues to this day.
Nothing typed on social media or repeated anywhere changes the fact how I employ, interact, respect and
admire women of all ages. It doesn’t change the fine women and men who’ve been with me for everywhere from 18 years to today.
I’ve never attacked, disrespected, demonished or mistreated a woman or young lady in my life. I know this because I don’t do those things.
Regardless what anything is said about my interactions with anyone, which leads to bad behavior on my part, simple isn’t true. There isn’t any evidence that exists in this world that says otherwise. Anyone can type something on social media.
40 years in business. Working hard to build a great business and doing my part through financial contributions to nearly everything ever asked of me to support in our community. I’ve provided my time , talents, and countless pounds of ice cream and candy to over 100 organizations every year. After that and more to help build a great community, I read lies, backstabbing, horrid accusations and clear hate filled ignorance from the people who I’ve offered the best in what our city has to offer.
There is zero evidence anywhere that I individually, publicly or personally injured anyone at anytime in my community or elsewhere.
Yet a number of people in the community wish me harm. As I compare the local hate with the rest of the made up hate, it amazes me. People I’ve know for 30 years or more, taking shots at me. There isn’t a person, I’ve ever interacted with, including those in my employ and those who’ve attacked me can ever honestly recount a single time I ever disrespected them or any other female, ever. It’s damned disturbing.
I will own my mistakes. Other than a dumb misworded and misconstrued post, who have I harmed to warrant this? There isn’t an honest answer. The irony of the posts aren’t lost on me. I admit for stirring the pot yesterday. Defiance is part of who I am. I wish I hadn’t continued to provoke my local haters. For that you have my apology.
There are disgruntled ex employees piling on. My staff depends on me to keep a safe and friendly environment. I have a stellar record of this.
My record with everyone I’ve ever employed is as clean as the shop itself. Anyone can say anything about anyone out here but, evidence of anything said does not exist because I’ve never been engaged in anything I’m accused of.
I’m being attacked by a world wide organization because of a hate group in Fishers/Indianapolis.
I understand it’s called the Cancel Culture. I will say, they are mean and will do anything and everything. It’s been heartbreaking to my wonderful wife and I.
They’ve sent numerous death threats and death wishes but nothing rises to the level of disgust they are at now.
They’ve infiltrated our local community pages in an attempt to discredit me. I’m shocked so many locally are helping them.
I can take the local hate. Many have been at it over a year now. It’s become the way for some.
What is being posted, anonymously on all sites all over the world now ,have zero merit because there isn’t evidence to support it. I’m told this is a campaign.
This is painful. To the point of shock. Call me an ass all you like because of my personality if you must, but this other stuff is unsupported by an ounce of fact.
To you who continue to support Good’s and believe what you see and feel from your own experience with me and Good’s, I thank you.
I see it’s going to be very difficult defending my reputation through this. People enjoy believing the worst one says about another. All I can and will do is continue with who and what I am. There is nothing to support the claims and accusations. My life’s work, business and the employment of our people now hang on what people decide to believe. It’s a very sad indeed.
Randy Good

He does confuse ‘cancel culture’ with ‘the consequences of my own actions’ but it also seems like he wasn’t prepared for the reality that the internet is far reaching and he’s the villain of the day.


Or are diabetics. :thinking: