Worst boss ever asks how to be an even worse boss

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Ross Perot, is that you?

Seriously, I was not allowed to attend my college graduation while in training at EDS. Really.


I smell an onion…

Hoax post?

Would any boss so clueless bother to write in for advice?

I’m just not buying this at face value.


Oh! You were EDS? I worked for them back in 2005 (Medicaid/interchange/MMIS), then HP bought them and pretty much ruined the business but got us nice new servers to play with.


People make things up on the internet for no reason vs. People are genuinely as clueless as the letter writer claims to be.

That’s a pretty tough fight.


Gotta be fake. At least make it plausible this could happen.

The two tells are the sob story about growing up in foster care and the fact that manager gave two hors to someone with paid for concert tickets but not for grad ceremony.


I have worked for doctors when I nursed, and CEO’s when I became an accountant. Any one of those people could have written that letter. Narcissistic people in positions of power have no perspective.


And now CSC is going to own them… and considering the manager I had for awhile at my last directly billable position I totally believe this could be real… he was quite clueless like you would tell him and email him we need to do X and then we X is done is he was like wait what is going on here. :crying_cat_face:


I recently saw a pregnant woman get fired while on maternity leave because they “restructured” the department while she was away and “made her position redundant”.

So yeah. I believe it.


Not buying this.

I’m not saying employers like this don’t exist, but this post is not from one of them.


That MIGHT be a step up, HP honestly never had much understanding of the business model and the margins we had in the MMIS support space, caused tons of stress and hurt quality.

Then again, now that I’m gearing up to actively compete with them and steal the analytic business that they’re largely incompetent at/clueless about, I’m more than happy to have them suffer a bit more chaos. There are some cool people there, of course, but they’d be amazingly easy to poach! :wink:


I believe this could be a legit post and not a hoax. It’s something that my old boss would do or at least ask. I’m a reasonable and forgiving person but god I hate that asshole with a passion. Burn motherfucker burn.


That was my first thought too. 'shooped. I can see the pixels.


People saying “Obvious fake cuz nobody sets up a story like that just to illustrate how cruel they can be” have never worked in healthcare.

I’m willing to wager the manager who wrote this letter is reading the comments and cackling to themselves.


I worked for someone who allowed one staff member to attend the big Michael Jackson memorial, while disallowing another staff member from leaving for a few hours to attend his best friend’s wedding. Managers can and will be asses.


I’m a bit upset because she was my best employee by far. Her work was excellent, she never missed a day of work in the six years she worked here, and she was my go-to person for weekends and holidays.

More proof that the hard/smart/efficient/honest/kind workers just get exploited. I learned this lesson long ago. If you are going to excel in your position, learn to say NO as soon as possible.



I had a manager who loved me and hated my coworker. Like it was weirdly obvious to everyone including us.
When she got pregnant he refused to let her leave for a neonatal check up. I literally had to ask for absences for her because otherwise he’d say no. It was really really weird. Humans are weird. And middle managers are weirder.


In regard to posters claiming the posting was a hoax: Doesn’t it behoove the editors of the reposting blog to investigate the likely veracity before posting? In other words, do we trust editors so little these days? Honest question. I know what I believe, curious about others conclusions.


This is one of those times when the truth of Poe’s Law is really driven home. There’s literally no way to tell whether or not this story is fake, because people that dumb and that lacking in self-awareness really do exist.


Way back - 1982 to 1986. Mainframe COBOL and Assembler. I am old. :eyeglasses: