All 15 employees quit a Noah's Bagels in California after manager was wrongly fired

ahh, you’re right. i get those two mixed up.

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Yeah, the “new” Nut Tree is in name only… damn shame what they did to the place. It’s utterly soulless and just an extension of the Bay Area retail fringe developments that surround the whole area (but with 25x less character, because Vacaville). I’m thankful they kept the sign that fronts the highway though.

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Oooh… where/who??? Inquiring minds want to know!

Are all TikTok videos as crappy as this one?

No. Most are much worse.


IIRC, in California it also includes a protection for workers - noncompete clauses are unenforceable, so that companies can’t prevent you from working for a competitor when you leave or are fired/laid off.

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Right? Do you remember the Wooz?

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I was there in the 90’s (early to late), and was witness to the decline.

It was convenient for UCD students looking for a deal provided you wore a size 28 or below waist or a size 46 and above.

But they did have a Kaybee toys…

Honestly, sounds very familiar, but no.

I do remember people making a big deal about Cattleman’s ('They’ve got a bean lady!")

The Nut Tree was always a stop between Davis and a visit to the Jelly Belly Factory.

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I was thinking of Claybank. To be clear, it would probably be the worst deli in any town which had real delis, but if you are in the wasteland of this stretch of 80 and absolutely positively need a schmear, it would be the place to go.

Pre-Covid I drove past there several times/year since the 80s, but have rarely had reason to stop there over the last 20+ years. Maybe never since the Costco gas station opened.

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Yeah, Nut Tree may be there because it was originally a convenient rest stop between destinations, just like Casa de Fruta, but I do like to go to the Fenton’s Creamery there, otherwise I’d keep passing it by.


“Mother Jones” has done a whole series of articles about workers who have quit during the pandemic, and why. There seems to be a theme…


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