All five original seasons of The Muppet Show are headed to Disney+

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Dinosaurs is coming even earlier on January 29th!

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I don’t get Disney+, but I do have the first three seasons, so I hope this is the start of an eventual release of the long-denied seasons 4 & 5 on disc.


I wonder how complete these will be, considering music rights issues and Disney’s occasional habit of censoring older works.


My DVD’s were well loved and you can see it on the disc surface

There is NO way I’m freely handing $$$ to Disney+ sorry, nuh uh and nope.
The IP for the Muppet Show has long since been amortized & paid for, I’ll Bittorrent it thankyouverymuch.

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If I had to pick best episodes of Muppets, it would be the Roy Clark episode from the original run, and the Garth Brooks episode from Muppets Tonight.


I’ll raise you to not handing money freely to Disney at all (but it gets harder to do as they eat the world). Also, I just avoid encumbered entertainment rather than sail the seas. I have other things I can turn my attention to.

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