All I said to my wife was, 'That ice cream was good enough for Jehovah.'

How about “Blasphem-Ice” as an alternate name?


If your god needs YOU to mete out punishment and judgement over blasphemy and misuse of its name, instead of handling its own business itself, then you have a weak and pathetic god with no real power.


Jesus died for two scoops.


It doesn’t bother anybody that the s in JeSus is half of the Schutzstaffel (SS) double lightning bolts logo?

if you take the SS out of jesus, what do you have left?

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I thought maybe they were using AMP on their website.

Well, haven’t you heard, they are Nazis too.

This probably was good for business.

Christians love to feel attacked. People in urban areas will support businesses unfairly targeted by bigots. Everyone is happy.

But, does Sweet Jesus get their milk from Holy Cows?

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