Church cages Jesus, Mary, and Joseph to protest Trump's ICE immigrant abuse


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Meanwhile Trump is demanding credit for finally reversing his administration’s earlier policy that required baby Jesus to be caged separately.


A creche for our times. Xtianists have been the focus of political debate in regard to religion so it’s nice to see some actual Christians making a strong statement.


and for added poigniancy, probably a fair number of the detained folks are actually named Jesus…


Kind of off topic but i was going to make a snarky comment along the lines of “But do they support the LGBT community?”, figured i should look it up and i am glad i did my research.

These people are alright in my book.


Granted, the blue-eyed, fair-faired, fair-skinned depictions of said biblical figures goes against (among other things) what people at that time in that part of the world probably looked like, but in this case it’s okay; the unlikely depictions here might make racists and anti-immigrants feel a bit more sympathetic.


… and Maria and Jose.


Worth repeating

One of the most important:

  1. Donate to RAICES, a nonprofit that provides low-cost legal defense services to immigrant families. Donate directly to the RAICES ‘LEAF’ Project here. Donate directly to the RAICES Family Reunification and Bond Fund here.


C’mon you’re supposed to be Christian in name only…




clever but I’m sticking with “religion never fixed anything”

you really need “god” to know putting children and now families with children in cages is wrong? because you are broken if you cannot grasp that without clinging to religion as guidance and cannot emphasize to imagine you and your family in a cage for weeks and weeks for doing nothing wrong but trying to escape the violence in your country

now let’s see them put displays in MALLS like this with ordinary families, live actors would be awesome, in cages - let spoiled shoppers process that


Shouldn’t baby Jesus be in another cage?


This display is for the broken ones. Turns out it’s big enough group to warrant targeted message…



At least they’re keeping the family together.




From me… an ex-alter boy… and longtime atheist: I think the current situation could use help from ALL quarters of the ‘belief spectrum’. Personally, I have no problem standing next to some politically like-minded holy-roller from Kansas while pissing on Trump and his goose-steppers.



Do not even get me started on the Jedi Order’s family separation policy.