Jeff Sessions tells border guards to separate children from their parents


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I don’t see any reason to doubt him. He seems pretty mainstream for 21st Century American Christianity.





The U.S. (the ORR in particular) doesn’t have a great track record handling unaccompanied minors apprehended at the border. I see no reason to think that the kids separated from their parents in this new initiative will fair much better. We can’t even blame it all on Trump, though his push for deregulation will probably make matters worse.

Undocumented Americans

When you don’t view immigrants as actual people, it’s easy to think like Jeff.



It appears to be important to this administration, to raise a new generation of people who hate the US. They are succeeding.




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“Family values.” That is all.


Why stop at separating the children from their parents?

I mean, if you really want to disincetivise families crossing the border illegally, just go straight to execution.

Shoot the kids in the back of the head in front of their parents. Leave one adult from the group alive, but maim them somehow (maybe cut off a foot). Then, deport them to whatever shithole country they were trying to escape in the first place, so they can spread the tale of the cruelty of America.



BTW, on the theme of ICE and kids, see this story:



Love thy neighbor and such. but i’m sure Jesus will understand that we’re talking about brown people here amirite? /s


Lol Christian you say?
Closer to Nazi


If his logic is that making the lives of these people harsh and painful is a good thing, then what’s to stop them from doing even more inhumane things to these “illegals.”?


If I was a border guard this directive would cause me to quit my job. My conscience wouldn’t allow me to split up families. It’s one thing to return a person across the border, but it’s a heartless dick move to break up families in the process.


Well, you have to separate them, otherwise how can you teach the three year olds enough immigration law to defend themselves in court?


While living in TJ, I cross the border regularly, and there does seem to be a “culture” involved with CBP that seems quite off. You’ll spot a normal one here and there, but I do think the majority don’t look upon brown people as human.


Shh. Not until after the mid-terms.