All-purpose apology for corrupt, inept, thieving, substance-abusing Canadian politicians

You’re simultaneously aware that BB has been posting relentlessly about him, and yet you’re unaware of what he’s done to warrant it? Dare I suggest you read some of the posts?


Money isn’t really the issue with Rob Ford. He’s quite wealthy. The only ways he can be removed from office while alive are resigning or be convicted of a crime and go to jail for it. Even if he was charged with something today, he could drag out the trial to at least the next election, so that’s not likely to stop him. If he died, I think the deputy mayor would take over temporarily and either a by-election would be called or they’d just carry on with the deputy mayor until the next scheduled election. The next election is about a year from now.

Hear, hear, my good man.

Typical response. " Oh poor Rob is being picked on by all the haters."

You’re the one using the word hate. “Loathe” or “despise” would better describe my feelings. You need to live in Toronto to really get it. Rob Ford is a horrible person quite apart from the addiction issues that are getting all the press.

Maybe politicians from other countries are insufficiently polite to say “Sorry”. I know British ones are, the best we get is, “I think we can all agree that mistakes have been made; however, it is time to put this behind us and more on…”

Tor, kill!

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Sorry, but you got me wrong there.
Rob Ford is a disgrace who should be kicked out of office and into rehab right away, and after that in a court of law.
My worries are Cory (or anyone else) becoming too obsessive about it, because that’s just not a good thing. Hate is a bad adviser, even worse than fear. Anger can fuel you, hate just eats you.


i blame it on global warming


This is amazing ! Can I translate it into French ?

Well, I can, what I mean is will the Vancouver Sun send the copyright secret forces after me ?

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