All the big U.S. airlines are banning hoverboards as in-flight fire risk

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You mean the lithium ion batteries that are in all those phones, tablets and laptops?


A spokesman for Southwest said, “you kids get off my lawn!”


I’d just like to know how individual airlines hope to enforce those bans without them just being banned by the TSA?

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I can’t wait for the semantic arguments between hooligans and grumpy old men when real hoverboards become a regular thing.

OGM: Get off my lawn!
Hooligans: WE ARE! [As they skim over the lawn, never actually getting on the lawn.]


Banning THE hot Christmas gift during the BUSIEST travel time of the year?

Won’t someone PLEASE think of the economy?


Yes, they are sort of the same as laptop batteries, but with a twist: these are the high-current cells as used in large quadcopters and R/C cars. They can drain themselves in under ten minutes safely, which means that when they drain themselves unsafely, they will do so rather dramatically.

It’s a subtle distinction that’s difficult to explain quickly to hundreds of disgruntled or alarmed passengers.


there was an article on BB (i think) recently about the rise of these hoverboards and the plethora of chinese factories that are making them. one thing that stood out is that the hoverboard makers are basically just reverse engineering competitors products and cobbling together stuff from parts available in the ‘night markets’ for electronic gadgets.

i don’t think it’s a huge surprise that the charging circuits are capable of overcharging the batteries, or otherwise mismanaging the cells.


It just takes patience! I usually start them off with: “Everybody lay down on the floor and keep calm.” Just like yoga class.


While they’re at it, ban them from being ridden around airport terminals like I witnessed recently. Do we have a designation for their riders as good as “glassholes”? Hover-holes does not have the same ring.


OGM:“Get out of my airspace! You’re not Amazon Drones!”

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The world does not need new derogatory language. :disappointed:


Hoverboard catches fire at mall

Plus, unlike laptops(packing some fairly high capacity batteries; but usually expensive) or assorted cheapie widgets(horrific quality control; but barely enough battery to set themselves on fire); this fad seems to be among the first where a product with bottom of the barrel QA can afford a Li-ion pack large enough that it really needs to be coddled.

Historically, the cheap seats were all lead-acid gelcells or NiCd batteries, which aren’t so volatile about expressing their displeasure; and are generally more forgiving about what constitutes incorrect charging.

Certain fliers might have room for snark, given that the 787 has suffered a few fires started by its inadequately engineered Li-ion batteries; but that probably won’t get them through security any faster.


There are more things worth loathing than we have words to loath them with.

Unfortunately, we’ve made things worse by over-loathing soft targets and leaving ourselves even further deprived of vocabulary for other cases.


~ My Hoverboard is Full of Lion Cells ~


This one?

Why are those Mini-Segways called Hoverboards?

A Hoverboard is something else (in my mind at least):


You’ve confirmed my suspicions about these stupid, draconian policies! I’m going to assume the rest of your post further corroborates them.

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I have some that are capable of discharging a near constant 2A in a little under four minutes. Others that will do the same but for 20 & with a reduction in amperage up to 40. Battery tech in this realm has come a loooong way since RC cars in the 80’s.

Yea, this blows me away. Safety during the charge cycle is paramount. RC hobbyists have been using fire resistant bags to charge in for years - I use military ammo boxes myself & my charging rig is quite elaborate & never left unattended while in use, for this specific reason.
Another worry will be the bare bones basic chargers that come with many items this xmas as it’s going to be a NICD, NiMH & LiPo intensive year. Most aircraft sold as RTF or ARF will come with one and they vary wildly on quality as one would imagine. Though, with these high capacity battery chargers, quality is directly related to safety.