All the vintage Hallowe'en masks


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If I had known there was a Rat Fink costume available when I was a kid, I would never have gone as anything else. Still wouldn’t. Now I even have the body for it.


Ah, memories: The eye holes that weren’t quite spaced right, the sharp edges on the mouth slit , and that micro-thin elastic cord that might not last the night. Of course, mom was too cheap to get a new costume every year, so the same ghost or pirate was pulled from the back of the shelf and you had to do what you could to massage it back into shape.
Krinkle-krinkle crack. Good times.


Yes. But what a GREAT source for your next chat-board avatar!


The Starro mask is a great idea.

And they made your face all sweaty.

I don’t know that the Barack Obama mask he’s got on there can really be considered “vintage” though.

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The preview image wasn’t working when I posted that. It was blank.

I wonder if any are casein plastic.

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