All You Need is Pug




I lost my pug of almost 16 years last Tuesday and since then I swear that pugs are now appearing every single website that I visit, in my facebook feed, etc. Rest In Peace, Pumpkin.


No insults meant to pug owners and pug lovers who love their sweet dogs who, as with people's spouses and children, must be acknowledged as wonderful, but pugs remind me of everything wrong in dog breeding - breeding for deformities that are bad for the health of the dog to make them "cute" and to meet arbitrary breeding club standards.


Cute? Ugly as hell is more like it.


Wow! Such Pug. Much color.


In other words -- they didn't choose the pug life, the pug life chose them.


Sure, a pug with two heads, that is undoubtedly what we need.


Well, that was horrifying.


Totally not wanting to insult anyone's love for their past/present/future pet, but wowzers I find that picture to be alien, creepy, disgusting, and horrifying. Simultaneously.


Everyone who owns a pug will tell you that they're not really dogs at all, but aliens sent to colonize earth. Except they landed on our couches, started eating our cookies and said "f*uck it, I'm good."


Damn, that has got to be some hideous artwork for a Rock&Roll LP.

Hope you are feeling well Xeni! ^_^


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