Alt-Mardi Gras: Carnival "float houses" popping up in New Orleans, local artists given work

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this is so cool! i want to see the rest of the houses they do.


So last week a post went out on KoRB’s Instagram: they gave back $20k that the local grocery chain Rouse’s had donated, after it came out that Donald Rouse Sr. was seen at the Trump insurrection rally.

The current management has protested that he’s no longer affiliated with the company, but they still sure do give a lot of money to R candidates. This was the last straw for us to stop shopping there (it’s the most convenient place for us, but really only by half a block), and judging by the emptiness of their parking lots when we passed by this week, it may have been the last straw for a lot of other New Orleanians too.


This is really excellent. I love seeing old houses like these painted up in really vibrant colors and the float-like decorations just take it over the top. It also reminds me of the history of elaborately decorated houses along Allen St here in Buffalo.


Thanks for posting this; it brings back some pleasant memories from my college years.

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