Hallowe'en with NYC's super-rich

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I wonder how many made their own costumes.


You know what’s really horrifying? The New York Times gently poking fun at the people who stole the U.S. economy. The people who will never stand trial. History will forgive their crimes, and their grandchildren will run for President, and we will name national parks after them.


This townhouse on East 92nd Street once belonged to Woody Allen. The caution tape is new.

How very droll.


I wonder how many go as “Trump”?

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though nothing that justifies the socially corrosive effect of out-of-control wealth gaps

I love the idea that there exists a hallowe’en display that’s so good, it justifies the socially corrosive effect of out-of-control wealth gaps.


What do they hand out to the trick or treaters? Do the treats justify a trip to NYC?


The plastic wrapped butchered body parts of other trick or treaters. Just like in real life.

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They hand out pink slips to the employed and empty candy bar wrappers with GET A JOB to the unemployed.

HOWTO connect something unrelated to one’s pet peeve

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Hey, get off my turf! I butchered those children first fair-and-square! You can have the woodchipper schtick instead!

We tried the old “lets get someone to drive us to the mansion district to trick or treat, hoping that they’ll all be giving out full-size bars” gambit once, but only a few houses there actually did that.

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