Virginia towns' trick-or-treat laws threaten over-12s with jail-time


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Somebody has way too much free time on their hands.



I’m curious what sort of ID will be considered adequate to prove that a person is under 12


Anyone have some legal knowledge who might be able to explain how these places have laws telling citizens when they can and can’t knock on a neighbors door or walk the public sidewalks? Or perhaps there is a reason there are laws based upon age discrimination on the books?


Fun Sponge capitol of the World has been found.


Long form birth certificate?


So if you’re 16 and you’re taking your 10 year old sibling trick or treating you’re breaking the law twice?


Brilliant :exclamation:


As a poster on the linked site notes, such laws are likely to be enforced selectively, against “undesirable” kids, that is, enforced using racial bias.


They can’t take the chance that some undeserving kid might get candy.


The law seems like a clumsy (and overreaching) effort to curb the nasty teens who come around later in the evening without costumes, trash stuff and bully people for candy.


If somebody’s giving out full-size Snickers, I’ll take my chances.


Well, then, be sure to gear up appropriately.


No one gives out full size candy bars in this area.



And under suspicion of pedophilia. And probably downloading episodes of Game of Thrones too!


Attempts to codify social convention into law are always clumsy and usually get it wrong. Whatever happened to teens wanting to act older and being embarrassed of things for children.


I feel like this is actually a first amendment issue. Imagine being able to write a children’s book called How the ACLU Saved Halloween.


Is this where I sheepishly confess that the last time I went trick-or-treating for myself, I was like 24?

My accomplices were a 19 y/o & a 20 y/o, along with a puppy in costume. Thanks to the latter, we got plenty of ‘free’ candy.


LOL, I believe since you had a puppy along it means the whole party gets to count ages in dog years, so you get a pass :wink: