Altruistic people have more sexual partners


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True, although they might not be the same pool of possible partners as for less-altruistic people. So the difference is of kind as well as quantity.

Also, the headline and the study are at some odds with each other. Having “more partners” is a natural consequence of more open interactions, but “sexual attractiveness” generally refers to mating protocols specifically. People who are more deliberate in their interactions have more ability to make conscious choices rather than relying upon behavioral routines which are more reproductive than sexual in nature.


I’ve been married 32 years, I’m too tired to be altruistic anymore.


Evolutionary psychology! pffffffff… Circular reasoning institutionalized.


I agree, the conclusion might be true, but it would be sheer coincidence.


Or, you know, people who lie about their sexual history are also likely to lie about how altruistic they are.


Maybe this explains why the alt-right folks are so angry.


They do tend to be very sex negative, even though they’re such “nice guys”.


Give it away, give it away, give it away now…


I was thinkin’ kind of the same thing, but was going to say, “Spread the wealth”.


Wouldn’t altruistic people have wider social circles naturally?


There are a bajillion potential confounding variables and alternative explanations for this.


Well, I guess all of the folks I do good deeds for run on batteries.


There’s a pity-fuck joke in there somewhere…


Send your idea to Anthony Kiedis, maybe he’ll work it into the song next time :wink:


Enough with all the facts. They get in the way of my “Science says altruists sleep with more people - give now, get laid later!” cash donation boxes.


My girlfriend says I am very much a people pleaser.

My wife agrees with her.


Orgies for Charity!


Altruism? As in free mustache rides?


For charity? Hell, I’ll do ’em just for fancy dress!

Oh wait, wrong thing. Sorry.