Couples asked to have more sex become less happy


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Oh for fuck’s sake!


Ideally, yes. In this case, for science’s sake, at least 40% of the time.


Anything can be a miserable experience if you feel obligated to do it.


The other take away from this experiment is ‘economics professors are very likely to make you unhappy’. Which is a ‘no shit, Sherlock’ discovery in and of itself…


Damn, somebody “no shit, Sherlock”-ed this post before I could!


Well see, the problem is using married couples, who were most likely in their thirties. Had they used university students, with frequent partner-swapping, the results might have been much different.


Actually, the study as I heard about it resulted in less happiness because they were being forced to have more sex. As someone who had trouble conceiving, I can confirm that sex on a schedule takes ALL the fun out of it.


As someone that also had trouble conceiving, I’m gonna go ahead and disagree with you on that one. Sex on a schedule is better than bacon chocolate and beer on a schedule.


Not feeling sexy toward your mate is a symptom, not the problem. You can force yourself to have all the sex you want, but it still feels like you are overriding your security alarm when you do it with someone you don’t feel totally safe emotionally with.

With the conversation going on about the SCOTUS Gay Marriage ruling, a friend shared this information about Alan Ginsberg’s Marriage to Peter Orlovsky. I thought their definition was fascinating.



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