Couples who divide housework fairly have more sex


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Couples Who Have More Sex Divide Housework More Fairly
Couples Who Have More Houses Divide Sexwork More Fairly
A House Divided Fairly Couples With More Sex
Sex Houses Divide Work Couples More Fairly

The study had some not-so-great findings too. Couples in which the man does the bulk of the housework have significantly less sex than those in conventional or more egalitarian pairings (the study did not look at same-sex couples). And while sexual satisfaction varied little between conventional and egalitarian couples; counter-conventional couples, those in which he does the bulk of the housework, were more dissatisfied with their sex lives compared to those in other arrangements.

Hmmm. Which reminds me, the dishwasher needs emptying.


Oh joy another study, much ado about nothing. Being a social science researcher must be one of the most cush jobs ever!


Obviously the results were distorted by the presence of couples who are equally lax about housework, and therefore have more time for sex.


So that’s why my wife makes me do all the housework!


But does housework divide couples who have sex more fairly?


The family that dusts together lusts together
The family that sprays together forays together
The family that mops together flops together
The family that sanitizes together scandalizes together


I’d like to see a study on that.


“Researchers Underpaid, Says Study”


Couples who have enough sex ignore housework!


I bet this study was funded by Big Housewife.


So what they’re saying is “house work” is the NEW sexy…


or… The Lysistrata Institute


And in today’s buried lede…


Duh. If they divide the chores, they get done faster and neither is too tired for some frolicking afterwards :wink:


Pity they didn’t study same-sex couples, because I understand they experience much greater gender equality.


A house divided cannot shag. ~ Lincoln’s little known marriage advice column

A made bed is a laid bed.
I think we know who wears the French maid costume in your house.
Vacuuming the shag carpet.
Clean windows prevent streaking.


RatWoman’s going to cut you!

For some reason she doesn’t think she looks sexy when she’s pregnant. I profoundly disagree. Fortunately the hormones are still raging, so I win. But it would be nice if the shift from “don’t touch me!” to “you get busy right now buster!” had a little more notice. :smile:


Aw, you missed the most obvious one:

The family that scrubs together, rubs together.