Am I just weird?

Just turn the switch upside down? Please? For your own sake.


The one shown down is marked ‘OFF’. The other one has no markings and exists as a superposition of the on and off states. Shroedinger’s switch.


You should have blurred/spoilered that, tbh.

/s just in case


3 out of 4 of those screw slots are almost perfectly vertical. I would never notice that IRL. Now I can’t stop looking.


I am laughing so much I hurt.


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Oh that is exactly the sort of thing I notice IRL. But I already know I’m ‘weird’ (neurodiverse), so my answer to this thread would be something I do like a normal person which makes people who know me tilt their heads and look at me quizzically! Like, people are quite surprised to learn that I watch TV regularly. Yeah, for me, that seems weird to them.


This might be weird: I put garbage inside garbage.

For instance, when the loo roll runs out, I put the cardboard tube to one side. When the second one runs out, I scrinch the first and put it inside the second, and so on until I have an almost solid log of cardboard. I could probably use these as firelighters, not tried that yet.

Crisp packets, beer cans, you name it, nothing goes to the bin empty.
Not like I need to save space or anything.


I do this, but to a lesser extent. Trash from one instance gets the matryoshka treatment. Like we have a picnic- trash into trash and then into the bin.
I wonder if your toilet roll packing habit makes it easier to recycle at the plant? :thinking:


Careful! I read somewhere that Harrison Ford got that scar below his lower lip because he got in a collision fumbling for his seatbelt while he was already driving. Then I saw him do it in one of the Jack Ryan movies and was just thinking “oh, no… this time he’s just tempting fate.”


Thanks. I really don’t think such a scar would look sexy on me.


Yep. It’s all about concentration and distraction. Among motorcycle racers, Track Days mean taping up the air gaps in the helmet (reduces wind noise) and putting in earplugs. A semi-famous writer on the subject said something like “You have $10 of concentration, and changes in wind noise cost $1.” [1]

Anecdotally, the fastest racer in the club I belonged to was Dave. The rest of us rode bikes, but Dave and his machine were a single Borg-like entity on the track. Not just fast - incredibly smooth and precise. Maybe professional-level skills, but Dave liked his day job. We had a great photo of Dave taking a tight curve on a track, knee down and rubbing the ground. Didn’t have to reach far, either. Nothing too unusual there, but Dave’s pillion passenger could also have put her knee on the ground, if she wanted to. Insane bike handling skills.

Dave was deaf. Not enough data to say for sure, but it feels relevant.

[1] Keith Code, A Twist of the Wrist


Similarly, to add to the anecdotal evidence, I’ll sometimes plug my ears when I’m playing guitar, especially when I’m learning a new song, so that I can focus better on what my hands are doing. Sometimes my ears pick up all the little mistakes and I can’t focus on anything but those.

I also turn the radio down when I’m driving and need to see better.


European switches usually have down for on while American switches usually have up for on. Just tell yourself it’s “international style”.


Well I am European, so…


I do the exact opposite.
As soon as I’m in the seat, I’m buckled.
Open garage door, get into car, drive 5 metres and when I try to get off the car to go and close the garage door, I find I have already fastened the seat belt.


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I’ve been hearing-impaired since childhood. I stopped wearing hearing aids after high school, because they became more distracting than helpful. Very high and very low tones always capture my attention or affect my focus.

One time, I was playing the radio while cruising down the highway in my crappy first car. Suddenly, part of the layers of sound was just gone and I immediately stopped singing. The engine had died. :grimacing: I work in IT, and sounds coming from electronics are alternately soothing or irritating. Hearing aids amplified them, something I felt was intolerable - especially if they were intermittent.

I don’t only do this for safety, but also because the alert sound from the car if I start it first and buckle up after gets on my nerves.

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Photic sneezes are the worst. I once had a sneezing fit in a school play because when they put the spotlight on us it was enough to trigger it. Fun…


I wonder what the noise of the server room is for you, then realized nobody enjoys that racket :smiley: