Hoverboard: massive, mysterious XKCD game (with a hidden story?)

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I highly suggest you don’t use this until you’re tired of just looking around (my wrist got sore from all the up-arrowing), but here is a maps version. It’s gigantic. And obviously gigantic spoilers. And it doesn’t show you where coins are.

I used it to make sure I hadn’t missed anything (and I had). FOMR.


Randall’s epic massive comics always reminded me of the little doodles I did back in grade school. But to be able to run around in one, got me choked up a bit.


I explored most of it (146 coins) but failed to spot this narrative you speak of. Maybe it was too subtle for me.

There is a “toggle coins” button.

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Not so much a narrative as maybe an advertisement for a certain upcoming film.

Too many Trek jokes for that. It’s just goofy Easter eggs.

I’ve never seen someone so in love with strange landscapes, but it’s worth exploring them with Munroe.


Pft! No tooltip!


Is that what the kids are calling it these days?


When viewing today’s comic, open up the console (F12 in chrome) and type in “window.i.am.gandalf = true”. Have fun!

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I think that’s the Reddit term for it.


I collected all the coins then got trapped in Elon Musk’s Volcano Lair and couldn’t return to collect whatever prize awaited at the depository. There has to be a metaphor in that somewhere…

Torture for OCD?

What is “Toggle X-ray” supposed to do? I thought it might reveal hidden passages (like the way into the volcano lair) but it doesn’t seem to work for me.

(I do not care for invisible hidden passages at all. The thing is big enough already without obliging people to rub against every available surface and fumble around blindly.)

(…Nope, not going to say it.)

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It wouldn’t be so bad if the hoverboard didn’t end up getting caught against seemingly smooth surfaces. Makes it extremely difficult to navigate hidden passages.

No matter how far I go… I keep getting this feeling that I’m still in the matrix. So I’m going to keep trying to get out until I’m satisfied… Not sure if following along with the map is helping or just making the process a bit tedious. This is an adventure that could definitely hold my cat’s attention for more than 5 minutes.

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You’ve described my current relationship.


I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this, but you can control the game with your laptop’s (or smartphone’s?) accelerometers by tilting. I discovered it by accident when I shifted my weight and my laptop tipped to the side…and the player started moving on the screen!


The map is missing a section. Go left to the flag, and then go straight up.

Keep going. There’s a hunk of floating rock up there.

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