Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel's new album: "I Can Spin a Rainbow"


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I read that as Ada Palmer. Confusion ensued.


See also Edward Kaspel’s album “High on Station Yellow Moon”, which features Amanda Palmer, and will be released this month:


I read it as Arnold Palmer and I was aroused.


Bleeding head good! Healed head bad!


If there is one thing in this topsy turvy world that remains constant it is that Edward Ka-Spel does not wear shoes. I had no memory of seeing LPD live until I visited Amanda Palmer’s site linked in the article, looked at pictures, saw his bare feet, and was like “holy shit I saw LPD live!”


I read it as Kal-El.

I didn’t realize Superman was also a musician…


Dandelion Mind.


Can’t wait to get a copy!


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