Emerson, Lake & Palmer's prog rock epic, "Karn Evil 9," to be made into a film with Daniel Wilson penning the screenplay

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i wonder if any ELP music will be used?


I would hope so!
Too bad Emerson isn’t here to see it (if it gets done).

I like Wilson (mostly).

I hope they don’t play it though.

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Looks like it IS possible to sing and chew gum. Hm.

just be careful when inhaling.

Went though a phase of listening to this song recently, I’m a sucker for harmonizing:


According to a piece on Deadline , 70s prog rock behemoths, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, are having a movie made from their 30-minute sci-fi song suite, “Karn Evil 9”, from 1973’s Brain Salad Surgery.

Makes it sound like ELP (no longer around) is making the movie.

Keith – and at least early on, Carl – were also chewing gum during that performance. I wonder why.

Hopefully someone saw Mandy and said “fuck yeah! we can do a prog rock opera movie too!”


And you made it out the other side?
Props (did I use that word correctly? I’ve never used it before).

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I would have pitched “Tarkus meets Pacific Rim meets Surry County Council”

Being a piano student in the 70’s, ELP was one of my favourites.

Thank the FSM that “Love Beach” was outside of these folks eye line.

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So, a documentary?


I once played Karn Evil on a pub jukebox. It did not end well. I did avoid any physical violence, but only by leaving the pub after promising never, ever to that again. Good times.


Much props?



It does, doesn’t it, which would interesting seeing as parts of ELP are no longer alive to make anything at all. But equally it could be what passes for reporting these days - i.e. sloppy, ambiguous, inaccurate flannel.

And @EvansMike I’d say that was entirely the pub’s fault for having it on the jukebox - they got what they deserved. :wink:


Things could get very interesting. Manticore Records – owned by all three members of ELP – was shut down ~40 years ago… but was resurrected in 2017 by Greg Lake’s estate a year after his death. So, there’s Greg’s estate; Carl Palmer (still with us and proudly touring); and Pete Sinfield (also still with us – who provided the song title, and co-wrote ‘Karn Evil 9’ with Lake). I wonder if all the related actions would make a more interesting movie than ‘Karn Evil 9’.


Next up: finally making The Elder. Please, please, please.

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