Brian Eno, Roger Eno, and Daniel Lanois discuss the recording of "Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks"

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I’m pretty sure they mention that on the original LP’s liner notes, certainly in the original cd reissue booklet.

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This and Blank Frank kind of pre-figure punk, don’t they (if I may over-simplify) and that Fripp. Damn.

Wiki says the song is about someone photographing a baby that is in flames. Uh, no.

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I’ll see your “Baby” and raise you a “Faraway Beach.”

Because I like how it feels


Oh man, i saw this recently for the first time and it is spectacular.


i first listened to eno when i was young and had bad taste, now me, an intellectual listens to a lot of stuff like tycho, random vaporwave, emancipator… are there any good eno albums to get started with? i like “chill” music, and tycho is one of my favorite artists, it’s my understanding eno inspired tycho a lot?

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‘Music for airports’ is about as chill as it comes. ‘No Pussyfooting’ is great. Not chill but ‘Here come the Warm Jets’ is a demented pop classic. I quite like the ‘Bang on a Can’ version of ‘Music for Airports’. Real instruments reproducing the minimal electronics of the original.


I’ve just watched Eno’s ‘Ascent’ video. Talk about getting gobsmacked.This was the end music used in Soderbergh’s film Traffic (as Benicio del Toro’s character watches kids playing baseball). (!!!)

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TCM had it on last weekend. Its got a permanent spot on my DVR


It looks like music for airports is free on prime queing it up now as some pre bed music, thanks. I’m enjoying it had a stressful day.

If you like this liquid mind is also good imho

(I’m not poor but I was raised to avoid subscriptions so if I can get free music on prime not inclined to also get Spotify or pandora ad free. Sorry to ramble but prime musics commercial free ambient / classical catalog is highly underrated imho - not a huge selection but lack of commercials helps me focus)


What a great pop artist he was.
To bad for the rest of us that it could not hold his attention.
Or not…

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I was pretty focused until this commercial :wink:

Sorry didn’t mean to plug it, I was just really pleased I could avoid paying $ since something I already have can accomplish same goal

Hey, looks like Dennis McCarthy ripped Brian Eno off when he wrote the “Chrismas Hug” track for Star Trek: Generations.


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