Listen to Brian Eno's new cover of the Velvet Underground

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Going back to his pop roots? Nice!

Now where is the grainy video of Prince’s cover of Eno’s cover of Radiohead’s cover of Lou Reed?


When his last “pop” vocal album came out a few years ago (“Another Day On Earth”) I was disappointed, thought it was kind of slick sounding, musically weak. But then months later I realized I loved it, and it’s since become one of my favorite Eno albums (well, in the top ten anyway.)


i’ve always found that Eno is one of those artists whose work i need to sort of marinate in for awhile before it clicks and i get it. it’s always worth the effort.

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OK. Not as good as the original, although the original is very dated with 60s recording techniques, A much better cover of the Velvets is BAUHAUS covering “I’m waiting for my man”. Could only find this live version. Trust me, the album version is unbelievable. It alerted me to the Velvets…

(I’m in those tween years between 50’s and 70’s)

Brian eno’s greatest work, ever.


Thanks for that! Haven’t listened in years.

I have a vinyl bootleg of it that was recorded off the BBC back in the day. Haven’t had anything to listen to vinyl in decades…

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Parts of this sound like they could be on Before and After Science.

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I’m partial to the live version of “Baby’s On Fire” that appears on the “801 Live” album with Phil Manzanera’s group. Still one of my favorite live albums after all these years.


god this is gorgeous, I want to go to sleep in this music.

I played that vinyl about 156874856654894 times when I was a teen!

“I’m set free, to find a new illusion”.

This is also a good way to look at scientific discovery - the new theory supplants the old, both of them illusions, but the new one is like opening a door of discovery, as it fills in many details.

Oh man! The Fripp!!!


It reminded me of Thomas Kuhn!

Glad to run across another fan of that album. I mean, it was pretty obscure already when I came across it in the late 80s. Always been my favorite version of Tomorrow Never Knows.

801’s Baby’s on Fire is certainly damn good. Now for some reason I have it in my head that I really want to hear Adrian Belew cover it doing both vocals and guitar. I think he would kill it.

You need to hear the one on this one then, if you haven’t already done so!


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