Watch rare Brian Eno live TV performance (1974)

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Still hoping for a complete exegesis of The Fat Lady of Limbourg someday… What was the egg so black it shone like gold? What Roman scandal is he talking about? Why break the rhyme scheme (with an obvious rhyme too) in the last verse? Inquiring minds want to know.

To my mind the lyrics suggest some kind of Gibsonian genepunk thriller plot, but the song came out a good 25 years too early for that to make much sense.


That’s what we’re paid for.

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That’s what we’re paid for here.

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Old sourpuss

Woah woah woah WOAH.
What song is that??!?
Did he put out an album before Here Come the Warm Jets?

Pesco, it’s like you just brought back something from an alternate universe where there’s different Eno music.


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