Oswald's Grayfolded: plunderphoics Grateful Dead now on vinyl


There is a misspelled word in the headline.

Yay, a new Dead album!!

I was never “into” The Dead, but this album is absolutely fantastic! Remember it well, it was introduced to me in the late 90s by college buds.

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“Dark Star is always playing somewhere, we just tap into it” -Phil Lesh


I’m not a big Dead fan myself, but that’s really a fantastic quote.

I’ve never known what to make of this album. I was a big Oswald fan for years, and had a grudging appreciation for the Dead (I came to like them eventually, but their fans did not make it easy), but the end result seemed to exaggerate the pointless noodling aspects of Dark Star. The second, later-released CD, where fans voted on which versions to use, was actually a lot better I thought, so I hope that is included in the LP package.

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