Amanda Palmer's #metoo song for Judy Blume


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I’ve always loved this song. A wonderful love letter to a wonderful writer.



Best song ever for a Monday morning, and it’s raining too. I think I’ll call in well today…



Amanda Palmer’s written tribute to Judy Blume that @doctorow quotes from but forgot to link to:


Still 20 years younger than Beverly Cleary is. Judy Blume has always been more emotionally challenging to read.


Thanks. I was a bit confused as to why teenage Cory might have been teased for being “too flat-chested.”


Amanda Palmer’s most recent tribute to herself which incidentally mentions Judy Blume.


Then don’t listen to it.


Roger That!


In my experience, childhood absolutely sucked. It was authors like Beverly Cleary, Roald Dahl and Judy Blume who got me through. It is the strangest thing, as an adult, to realize that they affected so many others in such a profound way. I kind of always thought they were just writing to me…

Incidentally, I spent the morning rearranging my kids’ bookshelves. They are absolutely packed with this type of magic.



I was referring to the article linked to in Glaurung’s post.



“For fuck’s sake” that you can’t follow a reply chain on a message board?

I totally agree.


Then don’t read it…


What was that you said, her missive only nominally mentioned the topic, but was all about her, the one posting it? I see now how that sits badly with you. Other people, the worst, amirite?


So I should avoid looking into anything I suspect I won’t agree with rather than giving it a fair shake?

Great life advice, Mindy. We’ll all learn a lot that way.

You have yet to form an intelligible sentence. But keep at it. I’m here for you.


No, that’s not what I said. Maybe if you don’t enjoy her work and the things that she has to say, which I’m going to assume here you are familiar with and have read/heard her work in the past, that you already knew that it wasn’t something you’d be interested in. Literally the only reason you posted is to complain about how you don’t like her. Fine, that’s your opinion. But clearly you feel as if the rest of us shouldn’t enjoy her work. I’m actually quite surprised that you didn’t call her an attention whore to boot.


As Amanda Palmer was there for Judy Blume, you are here for me. Do you not see that?

Sheesh man, some chip on your shoulder. Lighten up, Francis.