Amateur testicle surgeon confesses


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That’s nuts.


“The victim had been kicked in the bollocks by a horse and could not afford professional care, adds the Syndey Morning Herald.”

Er, that part of the article doesn’t link to the Sydney Morning Herald, and the linked article in its place doesn’t mention affordability of care at all. Which makes sense, since Australia has public health care.


Here take these


I came here to ask about the same thing…

I’ve considered Australia to be rather a shining example of what good, publicly-funded healthcare could look like.

In Australia, having to resort to motel-room surgery for a ruptured testicle sound more like fetish porn than news…


“Wait, did you mean your left or my left?”


At this point, isn’t it just “nut”?


And that is why you write down which part of you they are going to operate on your body.


one down, one to go


Personally, if in such a situation I’d go to the pros.

The Australian Department of Healthcare Service Ministry doesn’t cover non-poisonous animal attacks, as they’re so rare.

At least put an “X” in Jiffy marker on the one you want gone.


The wannabe “doctor”, a moonlighting sheep farmer, was intending to do some old-school “lambsing” (hence the motel room?). When the accused placed the complainants scrotum in his mouth, the plaintiff was heard to say “cut it out”. What was my client to do but oblige, your honour?


I certainly wouldn’t trust such an important procedure to some random nutter.


Hey, if you’ve seen one ball you’ve seen them all.


On the job training is big “Down Under”. Pun intended…




Wait, does X mean I should cut this one off, or that I shouldn’t mess with this one?


My urologist would beg to differ.


X stands for xtremely important.


Elastration is where it’s at. Portmanteau of the day!

Not suitable for removing a single testicle though. … although they can be adapted for Advanced Nipple Play. And for the curious and cost-conscience, get them from farm supply stores vs. Fetish shops.


If you put an X on both, it looks like a dead Ewok. True story.