Amateur vaccine developer has let venomous snakes bite him 160 times


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Were they married for 20 years? She was 15 right?


Possibly. But more likely high school sweethearts that got married after graduation.


Fair point - I hadn’t considered that - then again:

So I have to assume there is a fair amount of overlap between starting to let snakes bite him and the divorce… I have to think that something more than the snake bites had to do with the break up. I know this seems like I’m missing the point of the article but including the information begs the question - oh well I’ll go off and find some flowers to stare at over there…



Hey, at least it wasn’t stinkhorn mushrooms.


Stinkhorns aren’t poisonous. In fact, some people eat the young “egg” stage.


“I had it with those motherfucking snakes in this motherfucking marriage!”

also, [sings] “Killing me softly with hissing…”


I am just wondering how many times this gentleman has read Rant by Chuck Palahniuk, or if he is a historian?


I’m a fan of snakes. But I’m marking this guy in the “people very different from me” column.


There’s a great article about Friede called Mithradates of Fond du Lac. Writer Kent Russell has some lovely phrases going on in there, including this gem:

Meaning, the damage a venom does is species-specific. Snakebite is thus like lovesickness in that, each time, you’re wrecked special and anew.


I hear she’s dating a spider guy now, and couldn’t be happier.


Any word on how he has kept is extremities looking that comparatively intact after 160 bites? It was my understanding that at least some snake venoms cause pretty unpleasant localized tissue damage(and are injected in sufficient quantity that even an immune system fully prepared for them will be hard pressed to deliver enough antibodies to the wound site). Are the really ghastly bites on his legs? Did he choose snakes with venom known for systemic danger but not localized damage? Is my herpetology-fu weak?


yeah…“I swear to god Tim, if one of those god damn snakes gets out of its aquarium one more time I’m going to leave you! I’m serious this time, because finding a snake in the toilet this morning was the last fucking straw.”


Oh come on babe! Just step on it. It’s a moccasin after all.


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