Drop of snake venom turns bowl of blood into Jell-O


The thumbnail on one of those related videos is pretty grisly.

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I liked this video best with the strangely absurd English subtitles turned on.


Too bad that’s what it says on your career chip, Frauenfelder


Biological toxins are so elegant…

As subtly crafted to interact with the target as the various hormone and signal molecules are, only with malice. I have nothing against the synthetics, mind; but nothing quite like watching a master at work.


I don’t want to ruin the discourse here at BoingBoing, I really don’t, BUT, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU



Cobra by Jeanne Arthes is available from FrangranceMad.com.


I admire its purity. A survivor … unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.


Sometimes that’s the only way to enjoy American TV shows-- dubbed in Russian, played on a TV, filmed off that TV, with reversed video, and translated back into English subtiles.


Apparently dilute Russell’s viper venom is used to test for lupus anticoagulants, making the stuff useful for diagnosing people with clotting problems. (the name refers to the in vitro effects; LA in the body causes excessive clotting)

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Now we wait for the inevitable Heston Blumenthal recipie for ‘Blood Pudding’.

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To get the proper flavour sensation, you must first eat fungus scraped from elephant’s toes and frozen in liquid nitrogen.

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In free fall

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UUUN Times!


That looks like the first time I tried making juice with a mega-mix of fruits, berries and veggies. Lesson learned: don’t put the orange peels in, that’s (one place) where pectin comes from. The result was similarly nasty (although far less blood and viper venom was involved).


Gamemaster mind takes over

takes notes for next time is in game with vampire characters

“This is your Vitae. This is your Vitae on snake venom. Any questions?”

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Your link was broken, try this one.

It’s been used for coagulation-related tests for a long time- I remember being shown a bottle of freeze-dried Russell’s viper venom when I visited the veterinary lab my dad worked at in the 1980s.

but only as you pass ground level as you hurtle into the world’s deepest vertical cave (it’s to do with the atmospheric moisture adjustment and sudden pressure differential)

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