Decapitated copperhead bites self


And here we have Hewlett Packard in a nutshell.


Yes, that snakebite would be a real problem for that Copperhead if it weren’t already dead.

Didn’t look dead to me. What with the writhing and the biting and all.

On the way to dead, sure. But not there yet.

So now I have to worry about DECAPITATED SNAKE HEADS. Got a big pile of them out back and now I can’t leave my house. That’s fantastic, thanks for that.


I saved a copperhead from a neighbors shed a while back - scooped him up with a pitchfork, kicked a plastic bin under him, and dropped him in. I relocated him to a large drainage area of several acres thick with poison ivy where he will be quite happy. He was not at all aggressive but his heat sensors let him track my every move in a disconcerting way. I got a couple close up photos when he stuck his head around the corner of the box because I was sure he could not strike around corners.

BTW, some animal are resistant to snake venom including the American possusm and the African honey badger, who of course doesn’t give a shit…


I respectfully request a unicorn chaser.

In the context of this post, that might not be so uplifting.

Speaking of snakes and badgers, when the snake’s head bites itself, it thinks «Snaaaake, snaaaake, oh it’s a snake!».

I like the scientific tool used at 1:50.

Copperhead-mounted GoPro.

The higher life form did not survive this video.


I call dibs on the Halloween Costumes that will inevitably be based upon this.

Why is there not more self-inflicted snake deaths? I have been known to gnaw on my own calluses, and I’ve got 10 functioning fingers and access to a pumice stone.


This reminds me of a biography I read in high school, where a man beheaded a highly venomous Fer-de-Lance snake… and the separated head used what little body it had left to slither towards him before he could react, biting and killing him. I thought it seemed a little farfetched at the time, but maybe not.

I am confuse. How does the body appear to be feeling pain after being bitten without an attached brain to interpret the pain signals? Or do I just really not understand how these things work?

Edit: also, this is just really, really disturbing, yet totally compelling at the same time.

It does have an intact spinal cord, and reacting to sudden sharp pain is precisely the sort of thing that spinal reflexes are good at handling.

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See? So the answer is yes, I really just don’t understand how these things work :slight_smile:

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