Amazed kayaker encounters several humpback whales

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I think they should have given the whales a bit more space.

“Hey George there is one of those human things behind you.“

Turn. Thwap

“Where? I only see a floaty thing”


Agreed. I was shaking my head watching the kayak going closer for…a video? :astonished:

In other news, amazed humpback whales encounter kayaker

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the poked their heads out to take a look – i’m sure they were aware he was there, and they seemed to actually be taking care to move slowly around him. what an incredible experience. i would totally be doing the same thing if i was there, i’m sure.

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Communing with whales is always a profound and moving experience. Two years ago, coming back from a diving trip, a baby whale was playfully pacing alongside our boat for half an hour while momma whale would occasionally pop up to check on things (we’d also heard their whale song when we were diving).

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