Amazing comedian Jonathan Winters riffing between takes in a 1972 Big Boy commercial

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He was the best thing about the TV show “Davis Rules.” An acquaintance says that the ONLY part of being a Marine in the Pacific during the Second World War that his uncle would talk about was the fact that he served with Jonathan Winters, and the guy would do things like play with a pretend “invisible yoyo” during the copious downtime.


After seeing some of that, I can understand why they teamed him up with Robin Williams (though it was wasted on TV).


From what I can tell, the writers on the Jonathan Winters episode of Scooby Doo must not have written him a single prescribed line.


Him and Robin Williams…so much alike it was scary.

I miss 'em


Mork And Mindy. That’s my go to memory of Jonathan Winters.


If you’ve never seen it, here’s Jonathan Winters literally being handed a stick and told to improvise by Jack Paar and freaking delivering solid gold.


Oh, that’s hilarious. One of my favorites. Thnx!

That was every shade of awesomeness I can possibly think of.

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Wow. Yeah.

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Although some people believe that his vocal overdubs in “The Thief and the Cobbler” were unneeded in the American release, I’ve always thought they were the best part of the film. And those lines were 100% improvised.

My son has always prized the fact that he went to the same elementary school that Winters attended, on Zischler Street in Springfield Ohio. And we always believed that his kindergarten teacher was so old, she MIGHT have taught Winters also.


My parents saw him in a restaurant when I was a baby, and hurried over to get… well, his benediction or something. To hear my mom tell the story he was a mean, nasty SOB.

Years later it occurred to me, maybe he just wanted a meal in peace?


The first time I heard Johnathon Winters it was his Deer Hunters bit on Dr Demento. One of the funniest skits I ever heard on that show. I can’t seem to find it on youtube, but I remember laughing my ass off.

Are we 100% certain that he is not Robin Williams’ biological father?


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